HAPPY FRIDAY! Most of today was spent preparing for Ashlyn's party. While I did laundry, cleaned, vacuumed, and prepped food, I made sure Ashlyn had decent nap. I wanted her to be well rested for her big celebration. hehehehe After she woke up, I dragged her out for last minute errands.
Aric picked up ice and food we ordered from L& L's Hawaiian BBQ. Ed and Sue brought over kalbi, duk, and rented this huge faux duk/fruit display (customary for 1st birthdays in the Korean culture).
Ed, being Ashlyn's loving Godfather, wanted her to have EVERYTHING that comes with 1st birthdays! I'm sure if he could have rigged fireworks, he would have. =D The duk/fruit display reminds me of Chinese New Years or something...had to fight the urge to burn incense. HAHAHAHA!

We had a fun-filled evening hanging out, eating, drinking, watching the Angels VS Yankee's game, and celebrating with some relatives and a bunch of our closest friends. Everyone spoiled the birthday girl with so much love, attention, and lots and lots of gifts!
A GREAT BIG THANKS to: Ed, Sue, Eleanor, Nathan, William, Patrick, Ann, Phil, Dave, Grace, James, Lauren, Taylor, Brian, Grace, Sam, Patti, Anne, Paul, and Wey! You guys are the best!

Pictures from tonight:
(excuse the blurry ones...still trying out the different settings on the new digicam) =P

Ashlyn with the duk/fruit display

Ed and Sue

Phil, Ann, and Ashlyn

me and Aric with Ashlyn

Ashlyn and her very first birthday cake!

Ashlyn got a piece of cake and had a grand ol' time feeding herself. Of course, we had to hose her off afterward...but totally worth it! We got a great video clip of her squishing frosting and cake between her fingers, eating and playing with her cake, and making a BIG BIG mess! I wish I could share it with you, but the file's too big. =(



getting every last crumb...

licking her plate clean

frosting EVERYWHERE!

opening gifts

Ashlyn and Lauren eyeing the toy

Ashlyn's new shirt

Ashlyn and Lauren playing

after the last gift, she was looking pretty pooped! =D

Ashlyn fell asleep on the living room carpet...amidst all her new toys. Aric took her upstairs and tucked her into bed. The last of our guests left around midnight.
Aric and I cleaned up the kitchen, did dishes, dumped garbage, etc...and then something horrible happened....we accidentally locked ourselves out of our house!!!
At first I found it hilarious, but after going around the house and checking ALL the windows and doors without any success, I began to panic. We used pretty much every tool in the garage to try to pick the lock or jimmy the windows...but nothing worked. It's a relief to know that breaking into our house is not an easy task. =P
I wondered if Ashlyn was alright or if she was crying in the house or something. Aric and I pitifully stood out in the cold, looking through our windows at all the lights that were on in the house...the TV was still on, too! =/ It was a good thing Aric had his celly on him. We called Ed, and Ed called around for a locksmith. After nearly two torturous hours of being locked out, the locksmith showed up and let us back into the house. It was almost 3am! *UGH!* I immediately ran upstairs to check on Ashlyn (who was sleeping soundly and peacefully).

Aric had an hour to pack and shower before his airport shuttle came to pick him up. Though I was butt-tired, I stayed up with him. Saying goodbye was very hard. I wished he didn't have to go. Wow...having the whole bed to myself doesn't sound all that appealling anymore. =T
Alrighty...gotta go the bed. I have a long day tomorrow.
Have a great weekend! =D

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