This morning Ashlyn and I got a visit from Aric's Grandmother, Aunt, and Uncle. I wasn't expecting them to visit until tonight (Aric and I thought that we were going to have dinner with them)...so imagine my horror when I answered the door half asleep, in my pjs, and bed-head! =O I was sooooooo embarrassed! After I invited them in, I ran upstairs, brushed my teeth and hair, and threw on some clothes. Then I quickly dressed Ashlyn and brought her down. She wasn't fully awake yet either so she was being very shy and clingy. Which was no fun for our company...especially Grandmother (whose sole purpose was to see Ashlyn). Ashlyn wouldn't let her Great-Grandmother hold her. =/
They didn't stay very long and said that they just wanted to drop off birthday gifts for Ashlyn. I felt bad.

After they left, Ashlyn had breakfast and watched PBS, while I did some stuff around the house. Today went by pretty fast. I had some errands to run in preparation for Ashlyn's birthday party tomorrow night. I've been totally lagging with the planning of this dinner party. The theme for Ashlyn's birthday party is Winnie the Pooh. Yeah yeah, Pooh-this and Pooh-that...Ashlyn's got lots of Pooh stuff. Granted, I like Pooh too, but I was hoping to be creative like Dina and pick something else. But because of my procrastination, Party City was out of a lot of things. I was checking out "Hello Kitty", "Powerpuff Girls", "Disney's Princess Collection", "Monster's Inc.", etc... But there was never a complete set for each theme. I would see plates, but no napkins...table cloths, but no cups. *Ugh* The only theme that had a complete set was "Winnie the Pooh"....which makes me think that Pooh is played out. =P Oh well.

Ashlyn and Aric

My cool new digicam came in the mail today! YAY! Although I kept telling Aric that I didn't need or want a new camera...this one is pretty damn SWEET! It's got a bunch of neat functions, takes higher resolution pictures, and even takes video clips. Maybe I'll add some clips to my journals....maybe. hehehe Aric spent a good part of the evening playing around with the camera while I flipped between NBC and The WB for my Thursday night line up.
I put together party favors and goody bags while watching TV. And after Ashlyn went to bed, Aric and I cleaned house. Feeling tired and blah...had a low-grade fever all day. It's this whacky weather. Got a full day tomorrow.

Hey, let me know if you notice a difference in photo quality.

Dang, give the girl a spoon and it'll entertain her for an hour!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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