Today was fun and eventful...Ashlyn and I spent the last 10 hours hanging out with Patti, Grace, Lauren, and Baby Taylor! We had a nice long lunch at Pasta Pomodoro in Irvine....newly opened at the Oak Creek Plaza, I found out that it's the first one to be opened in Southern California. Hard to imagine since Southern Cali seem to have ALL the restaurants! After lunch, we walked around the plaza...ducking into Tall Mouse Crafts, Pure Beauty, and Sonshine Books. We went back to Grace's, and after putting all three babies down for a nap, Patti, Grace, and I sat around, shared a huge bowl of Ben & Jerry's, and talked.
Later in the afternoon, we all piled into Grace's car and went to Babies "R" Us. Patti (who's due in November) needed to update her registry...and both Grace and I had stuff to buy.

Don't ask me how, but we spent nearly TWO hours in Babies "R" Us! CRAZY! I looked at some umbrella strollers...but nothing was more light in weight than the stroller I already have. I bought Ashlyn some clothes...she's getting pretty tall and all her pants are floodin'. At the register, I was shocked to find out that all the clothes I selected were 50% off! Kickass! =D
We left the store around 8pm and stopped by the market on the way back to Grace's.

Since Aric had school tonight, I ended up staying at Grace's for dinner. We had Korean BBQ and BiBimBap. Mmmmmm! Ashlyn had a great time playing with all of Lauren's toys. Ashlyn's really learning to walk now. Everyday her attempt at walking becomes more steady with increasing steps. Soon, I tell ya!...soon! =D

Ashlyn and I got home around 11pm. Aric greeted us at the driveway and carried his sleepy baby to bed. Though I had a great time, I'm pretty pooped! I just realized that I missed my 2-hour "Dawson's Creek" special...but ya know what? I don't mind...today (and night) was well worth it. =D

Lauren and Ashlyn


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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