HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jeff...wherever you're traveling these days!

I have become quite accustomed to the big belly I've been sporting...so much so, I completely forgot what my old body looked and felt like prior to getting pregnant. So I went through some old pictures and dug up one taken around the same time last year:

Cin, me, Wil, Bett, and Ivy partying it up in Cancun, Mexico.

The question on every pregnant gal's mind is: Will I ever get back my pre-pregnancy body? Yeah, I know...I'm such a vain bastard. But the question is so common that they have extensive articles written in parenting/baby magazines. Usually the answers are generic and encouraging, such as, "It took you nine months to gain the weight, so it may take nine months to lose the weight. Regardless, celebrate your new 'mommy body'!"
What the heck is a 'mommy body' anyway? In my opinion, it just depends on how comfortable and how motivated you are with your body. Before, when it came to working out, I was so lazy. I absolutely despise the treadmill and exercise bike! But I love swimming and yoga...which I continued to do throughout my pregnancy. I was never a tiny person to begin with. Food is a passion and chocolate is my weakness. But I've got a huge motivator....being able to fit into Ivy's bridesmaid dress come February! *raise eyebrow* When I look at this Cancun picture, it amazes me how much has changed in just a year. Many of my friends are getting engaged, married, and having babies. Very exciting! =)

Last night, I cooked dinner for Patrick and my father-in-law. We spent the evening looking through old photos and watched the HBO special-BAND of BROTHERS (all five episodes). Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg have a raw way of capturing the war and people's emotions. But I swear, the only thing that kept jumping out at me was, "Hey! That's Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids On The Block!" All I have to say is....war sucks! Pretty profound, huh?

Ann finally sent me pictures from our dinner a couple of weeks ago. I didn't realize she took so many...it must have been the big ol' jug of Chianti she shared with Phil, because most of the pictures were candid and our eyes are closed. hehehe I picked out a few nice ones and entered a photo-journal for September 21st. Enjoy!

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