Happy Chinese Moon Festival Day! Just for the record, Baby Shen did not come into the world as so many had expected. I must admit, even I was surprised. The whole weekend I kept thinking, "okay...anytime now"...but nothing. I actually had a very eventful weekend. Friday night, Aric surprised me with a nice quiet dinner...just the two of us. We went to Orange Hill, a beautiful restaurant with a 360 view of Orange County. It was such a warm clear night...you could see the fireworks from Disneyland. We haven't done something like that in a really long time. Usually our dinners are casual, and includes Ed and Sue. I have to say, I love ANY restaurant that serves Creme Brulee, and Orange Hill has a delicious Creme Brulee! =)

Orange Hill
6410 East Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92859
Tel: (714) 997-2910
Fax: (714) 997-5163

Saturday, Aric had class and I kicked it at home. Our community had a Autumn Garage sale, so I cruised the neighborhood checking out my neighbors' loot. Times have certainly changed, because I remembered when you can get good deals at rummage sales...but not anymore...at least not in my neighborhood. I couldn't find anything for less than $5! C'mon people, do I really want to spend $5 on your used wicker baskets, picture frames, and candle holders? The cool thing was getting a chance to meet the people who lives around us. Bett was in town for the day attending a wedding with her mom, so Saturday night, Aric, Wey, and I picked her up and we hung out at The Block in Orange. We had drinks and dessert at Dave & Busters. Gosh, it's been a while since I've been to D&B's. We played games, turned in our
tickets, and got some cool stuff. I got a "Pets.com" sock-puppet. It's so cute! Bett and I got our picture taken in a photo-booth, but the photo comes out like a pencil sketch. Check it!

Doesn't Bett look cute? It's been a month since we last saw each other, so we made every minute count! Poor Wey and Aric, I think they felt left out of our conversations. =P On Sunday, Aric and I visited his mom, and she made us a yummy lunch. We ran errands and had dinner with his family and relatives in celebration of Chinese Moon Festival Day. It was extremely hot in Rowland Heights, and I was pooped! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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