the art of imitation

Whenever Ashlyn hears the phone or celly ring, or hears us say "Hello", she automatically grabs the closest thing and brings it to her ear. It's really cute. But if there is nothing nearby for her to grab, then she'll just bring her hand to her ear and pretend. HAHAHAHA!
She's growing up in an world entirely different than the one I grew up in. We didn't have cell phones, laptops, DVD/CD players, digital cameras. The other week, Aric and I browsed through the toy aisle at Target, and I spotted a toy telephone...you know, shaped like the old-skool phones....huge bulky base, corded handset, rotary-dial. To us, we recognized it as a telephone. To Ashlyn, *shrug* she didn't know what the heck that was. Perhaps I should go back and get it so I can teach her.
Man, thinking of ALL the things I need to describe to her of when I was growing up makes me feel so old. When I was a little girl, we danced in the living room to 8-Track tapes. Gawd, how archaic! =P

Today was such a nice relaxing day. Ashlyn and I spent most of the day in our pajamas. Aric and I made brunch...fried eggs, bacon, toast, and milk tea. It was yummy! We cleaned up a bit and lounged around watching TV. We moved our coffee table out of the living because Ashlyn nearly poked her eye out on a sharp corner. Now our living room seems so much bigger!

Late in the afternoon, Mike called and asked Aric to look at his network at IDRC. Ashlyn and I got dressed and we headed over there. For dinner, we met up with Jensen and Monique at BCD Tofu House in Garden Grove for soondubu. Mmmmmm..korean food!...I love korean food! =D
You wanna hear something funny? Mike, the only white guy among 4 useless asians at the table (Ashlyn doesn't count), had to order for us. I must say, his Korean is REALLY impressive! After the lady took our order, we "oooh-ed and aaaaah-ed" making Mike bashfully happy. hehehe
It's always fun hanging out with Mike. We found out the only reason we don't see him as often is because he thinks we live too far. Homeboy, puh-leez!...we only live 15 miles away!
Aric, Ashlyn and I got home a little before 10pm. I had big time food coma...laid on the floor and watched "BOOMTOWN". I was looking forward to this Sunday night drama. Mykelti Williamson, Donny Wahlberg, and Jason Gedrick stars. The drama unravels backwards and forwards...similar to style of "Pulp Fiction"...with each new time frame offering a fresh perspective on both sides of the law and unique insight into what makes these people tick.

Ashlyn went to bed late. After Aric tucked her in, he started reading for school. He'll be starting his second year of MBA next week. It's going to be more effort on his part since he'll be out of town for work, but he's proven to be able to take on almost anything. I'm sure he'll do fine.

I found my old journals from the very first original layout of PEGPOWER. I spent hours pouring through them. Though I didn't consistently journal back then, it was enough to jog a lot of old memories and kinda re-live the past. I thought that reading through my old journals I would be able to see how my life drastically changed...but it really didn't. I don't know why I was under the impression that I was so different back then. I'm actually still the same....and that's a good thing. =)
I'll try to post those up sometime this week. You'll be able to see how different my first layout compares to this one.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Ashlyn playing with her shiney red shoe

in the "new" spacious living room


"Yo Yo!"...she's got the ghetto smirk and showing off the 'bling' in her bracelet. HAHA

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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