That Infant CPR class last night was really informative. Aside from learning how to administer resuscitation and chest compressions, we learned about infant/child car seat safety. Did you know that the leading cause of children deaths are automobile accidents? The second leading cause of death is drowning. The class made us watch all these videos that scared the
bejesus out of me. I hated watching the lil' crash test dummies fly all over the place. Wil's a stickler on seatbelts...she won't drive until you buckle up. It drives my mom insane. My parents are the kind of people who are willing to squeeze in as many people it takes to avoid taking out another car. I think it's time to rent that video for my mom.

We also learned what to do in case of choking. Personally, I NEEDED that one! I choke all the time, most commonly on my own spit. It's really embarrassing! But I've had some pretty scary experiences. You want an example?...okay, pull up a chair, it's story-time. It's been a few years since this incident, so I'm not as traumatized by it anymore, but anyhow... Cin, Matty, and I had dinner at this new Vietnamese place by their house. Cin ordered pork chop over rice, and I think both Matty and I ordered a large bowl of Pho. To make a long story short, after finishing the whole bowl (I'm talking the WHOLE bowl), I went to sip my tea. I choked on the tiny bit of tea that was left in my glass (it went down the wrong tube), but
it started this huge violent seizure where I was struggling for air. Everything I had just consumed came right back up, and into the bowl that I, just moments before, cleaned. If you know Cin, she eats very slowly...meticulously cutting and chewing her food. So when this all
happened, she was still in the middle of her meal. *poor girl* Both Cin and Matty looked at me with concerned wide eyes. The waiter brought me napkins. I was so horrified, I burst into tears. I just wanted to go home...no, really, that was the first thing I said. I might as well have said, "I want my mommy!" It was so pathetic. I thought the whole restaurant was staring at me. Cin and Matt says that I was being overly paranoid...they said nobody even noticed. Yeah, whatever.So till this day, Matty will be a dick, and ask if I want Pho. I used to
love Pho, but it's not quite the same anymore. Aric doesn't particularly enjoy it...he thinks it tastes like foot.

Since I'm embarrassing myself, I might as well tell you my other story...this one is much more recent. About a month ago, I was hanging out at Ed & Sue's. We were drinking boba tea and eating spicy chicken nuggets. Ed and I were talking, and I was drinking my drink, and one of those boba things flew to the back of my throat, and....yep, I started choking again...really bad! I covered my mouth, but still felt the food come up. Ed grabbed a bag, and I threw up into it. It was GROSS! I couldn't stop throwing up. When the passage was finally cleared, I was gasping so hard...it sounded all raspy and chunky. After I was able to breathe normally again, I noticed that my pants were wet. DAMN! I couldn't believe I pee-d in my pants! Dude, once again I was so mortified, I wanted to go home! But because we were supposed to go out to dinner, Ed lent me some elastic band shorts in the brightest orange I've ever seen! I think it was Abercrombie or something, but it was all he had to accommodate my big belly. So we went out like that. I looked like a freak! Aric was away that whole week for his Business School Residential, so when I told him over the phone AND after he laughed his ass off, he was all trying to make me feel better by saying, "don't worry...it happens." Yeah, but to me, it's happened TWICE! *shake head* What next?!

Happy Friday!

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