Happy Friday! I can't believe we're at the end of another week...and soon, the end of another month. This week went by really fast! Now that there are no more weddings or visitors for a while, things are settling down quite a bit here.
I called up a couple friends whom I've neglected the past few weeks...one of them being Grace. We decided to get together today and make a day and evening of it. Especially since James is going out of town for a company workshop. Though Grace seems unfazed by it, I can't imagine having to care for two kids all by myself. HAHA, makes me wonder how I'll be able to handle things when Aric and I decide to add to our family. =P I know I'm getting way ahead of myself... since Ashlyn is still very dependent on us for everything...but I'm sure by the time we have our second, she should be much more independent. Hopefully.

Grace and I hung out at her place...playing with the lil ones, catching up with one another, making boba tea, flipping through pictures online, and getting to know one another better.
I was surprised to learn that we had something in common: we both used to work for the airlines (she worked for Korea Air, while I worked for Continental and went through flight attendant training for Northwest). That was eons ago, but it was something I really enjoyed. I think after my kid(s) are ready for school and I'm ready to go back to work again...the airlines is something I'm highly considering. Afterall, with technology fast advancing...my skills, experience, and knowledge in the high tech field may become obsolete once I'm ready for work. The airlines have great perks, too! =D

Ed wanted all of us to go to an Angels game tonight, but Grace didn't think she was up to taking her girls out for that. Totally understandable. I made plans to have dinner with Grace, the babies, and Glenda. I told Ed we weren't going to go, but he can see if Aric was still interested. Surprisingly, Aric turned down the game and opted to eat with us. On the celly:
Peg: "You're not going to the game?"
Aric: "Yeah."
Peg: "You rather eat with me, Grace, and Glenda?"
Aric: "Yeah."
Peg: *scratching head* "Alrighty then."
Grace thinks I have such a nice husband. Yeah. =D

At the very last minute, Ed called to say that they decided not to go to the game, and wanted to see if we all wanted to eat together at Dave and Buster's. So that's what we did. We joined up with Ed and Sue and some of their friends from church. Note to self: don't eat at D&B on Friday nights! Friday nights at Dave and Buster's is crazy crowded! The wait for dinner was loooong. The lil ones were getting tired, hungry, and cranky...myself included. =P
After dinner, we played some games, redeemed prizes for Lauren, and left earlier than everyone else. Aric, Ashlyn, and I carpooled with Grace. Grace's Tahoe fit her, Aric, me, three car seats, three strollers, and two bulky diaper bags fitting comfortably...very impressive! hehehe
After helping Grace get her two sleepyheads upstairs, Aric and I headed home.

Pictures from today:

Baby Taylor...what a cutie!


Ashlyn and Lauren

both looking coy

Grace and Lauren at Dave and Buster's

Aric and Ashlyn

me and Glenda

Danny and Ed

Baby Taylor and Sue

After spending a day with THREE lil' ones...I'm officially beat! Nitey-nite! Wishing y'all a great weekend!

Baby cheerleading?...bring it on! =)

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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