The weather is beginning to cool down a tad. Ashlyn and I got out of the house today to do some grocery shopping. I should have known better than to go to Ranch 99 at noon..it was the lunch-rush and the plaza was packed. I circled around for a long time hunting for a parking spot...but nothing. I decided to leave and return at a later time.
Ashlyn and I went to bug Ed at his shop. We hung out with Ed and Satoshi, but didn't stay very long because the phones started ringing off the hook. Never fails...whenever I visit Ed at work, his phones would ring non-stop. He used to joke that I brought him business and that I should visit everyday. Yay...*twirl finger*...no thanks. hehehe
After leaving Ed's, we went back to Ranch 99 and...wow, what a difference an hour makes!...the parking lot was nearly empty. I bought my groceries and we headed home.

Ashlyn's so funny. Whenever we're out and she sees other kids, she'll smile, point, and say,"baby!" It's silly because most of the time, the kids are much older than she is. HAHAHAHA!

Oh, I found out today that Aric will be going to China again for work. Ashlyn and I will not be going with him this time. As much as I want to go, I'm still traumatized from the long miserable flight back (with fussy Ashlyn) the last time. Instead, the baby and I will most likely go up North while Aric's gone...and he'll join us up there when he returns. COOL! =D

Tonight Aric made his famous baked spaghetti dish! It's my favorite and it was delicious! =)
We watched the Season Premiere of "Friends", last half of "Do Over", "Will & Grace", "Off Centre", and "ER"...just flipping between NBC and The WB.
You know, there are very few commercials out there that I actually enjoy. To me, commercials give you the opportunity to use the bathroom, grab a drink from the fridge, or change a diaper. hehehe. For the most part, I've learned to tune out commercials. But there are some that I really look forward to seeing. I love Blockbuster's "Ray & Carl" commercials. I love The Gap commercial (where they sing"Give A Little Bit" by Supertramp). And recently I looooove the BOOSTmobile commercials. Has anyone seen it?...anyone?...anyone? Hilarious, I tell ya! Undoubtedly, I'm turning into a TV addict. *ugh!* =P

Ashlyn...after having a cookie. *EGADS!*

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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