Some friends have a way of making you feel somewhat insulted, even though you know it was not their intention. Wing is one of those friends. Unfortunately he doesn't know it. So, dare I open this can of worms? Heck...why not. =P
I got an email from him today regarding my decision to keep the site going. Overall, it was a nice email...but then he'll throw in couple of things that made me cock my head and wrinkle my brow. =T
He commented on the ease of Photoshop and asked if I was doing it right. I think I am...but go ahead and call me an idiot. Then he says that some of my journal entries have too much wording. WHAT?!...it is a journal after all. Sheesh...don't I feel crappy now. =/
As boring as my life is, I try to be thorough in my journals and jazz it up with the smallest of details. I know some (like my mom) only visit the site for the pictures, but that's supposed to be just an added bonus. I adore Wing, and I know he doesn't mean to be disparaging, but it just comes across that way. I'm pretty sure after reading this, he'll feel a bit burned or sour....and the trifle cycle continues. But then again, he just might skip the journal altogether and go straight for the pictures. hehehe

Ashlyn's took SIX steady steps all by herself today! WOW! She'll be getting around on her own in no time! I've been contemplating whether or not we should invest in a kiddie-leash/harness. Aric is dead-set against them because he doesn't like the idea of "walking" your child like a pet. But I'm more concerned with her safety and the prevention of child-abduction. From the looks of Ashlyn's ever-growing personality, I can tell you right now that she won't just walk, she'll be RUNNING....EVERYWHERE! And if we go to highly populated places (ie..mall, Disneyland, etc..), we'll lose her for sure! =P

Emily, Ashlyn, and me

Ashlyn staring at her poppa

After spending so much time together throughout the months leading up to Ann's wedding and spending an entire day together last weekend, both Emily and I have been feeling some sort of strange withdrawal from one another. She is really an awesome person, and I'm grateful this experience has brought us closer together. =)
Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I met up with Emily at IKEA for dinner. Emily never ate at IKEA before and found it amusing that of all places to eat at The Marketplace, we chose the cafeteria at IKEA. hehehe What can I say? The food is inexpensive, it's fast and filling, and the Swedish meatballs and apple cake is yummy! We walked around afterwards and picked up a lamp and some other knick-knacks for the house.

We spent the rest of the evening playing with Ashlyn and watching "Selena" on F/X. Aric and I took turns gabbing on the phone. I spent nearly two and half hours with Ivy on the phone before we realized that she was still using her cell! GAT DAMN!...hate to see that bill! =P



Ashlyn's pics of the day

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