After much thought (plus a lengthy discussion with Aric and many protests from my friends), I've decided to reconsider the end of PEGPOWER....at least for now. I just won't update every day. Aside from the lack of motivation and inspiration to write, updating this thing takes a lot more time than I'm willling to give. On the nights I don't update, I get to spend more time with my family doing different things...or if the baby's already asleep, then I have time for myself...to read, relax, or do whatever. Maybe I'm a moron and I'm not doing it right, but there's got to be an easier way to do this. For example...the cruise journals...for the first couple of days I got back, I worked on resizing the pictures. But the night I finally finished composing text and backloading journals, I didn't get to bed until 7am! Crazy! Which always amazes me me that webbies like Dina and Nikki (who also have lil' one's to keep them busy) find the time to completely redesign their site creatively and impeccably...AND often! WOW!
I do feel a sense of obligation to keep this going on a daily basis for the people I live far away from. *sigh*

Today, like yesterday, was somewhat of a quiet day...just kept busy with laundry and picking up around the house after having weekend guests. We're still experiencing a crazy heat-wave that's responsible for starting a bunch of fires in the LA area. *tsk-tsk* Ashlyn's getting around more and more each day without the help of furniture. She took four steady steps all by herself today! Very exciting! =D

Tonight we went to visit my mother-in-law...and also stopped by to visit with Aric's aunt and grandmother. It was good to see them, and they were really happy to see how much Ashlyn has grown and changed.

Aric, being a sweetheart that he is, set the VCR to record the Season Premiere of "Smallville" for me. After we got home and put the baby down to bed, we curled up on the couch and watched it! *clapping* It was an exciting one...I can tell that this season will have many character changes and twists in store for us. Last night we watched "Celebrity Fear Factor" and the Season Premiere of "Crossing Jordan". "Crossing Jordan" is aiight...I'll watch it if it's on, but it's not a "must-see". I'm looking forward to the premieres of my regular shows...especially the Thursday Night line-up. It's disgusting how much TV I watch these days. =P

Guess what?!...my beloved digicam is busted! The camera works, but the display screen is non-existent. *Boo-Hoo!* Without the display screen, it might as well be a regular camera. Sad...so so sad! =(
Alrighty...it's really late now (3:36am) . Gotta get to bed. *YAWN!*





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