Ahhhh, it's officially the first day of Autumn! So much for sleeping in...this morning we got up around 9:30. Wil, Ivy, Bett, Oli, and Wing packed up and we had brunch at IHOP in the Marketplace. It was another super hot day, and the girls and I rode in Wil's rental car...a convertible Camaro. Don't laugh. hehehe

Brunch was really yummy. Normally I'm not too crazy about breakfast food...but lately I've been kind of on this bacon-kick...so it was perfect! While we waited for our food, we let Ashlyn sample different types of pancake syrup we had on the table. We would give her a tiny bit of each kind on the tip of a teaspoon and wait for her reaction. HAHAHA! Yeah, we're cruel...but she didn't mind it a bit. Her favorite was the maple syrup. When our food finally came, I shared my pancake and bacon platter with Ashlyn. She loves bacon too! =D

So guess what we did next?...oh, take a wild stab. Yep, we went to Tapioca Express for boba tea and fried snacks. Wing (my fellow boba-enthusiast) has heard me rave incessantly about this place for nearly a year now, and had to see the hype for himself. We hung out there for a while, taking up the whole sofa area, and going through Ivy's pictures from the cruise.
Around 3pm, I sadly hugged Wil, Bett, and Wing goodbye before they left for LAX. Aric, Ashlyn, Ivy, Oli, and I made our way back home. Ivy and Oli lolly-gagged a bit before making their long drive back. I can't believe that they drove down two weekends in a row. Right before they left, I jokingly called out, "Okay...see you next weekend!" HAHAHAHA!...in which Ivy just rolled her eyes and said, "yeah, I wish!"

Aric, Ashlyn, and I spent the rest of the lazy day chilling out at home and napping. When it got dark and the weather cooled down, we walked around IKEA, rented movies at Blockbusters, and picked up Oscar's for dinner.
Aric and I have been renting a lot of movies lately. We're taking full advantage of Blockbuster's "Monster's Inc." promo. We're trying to catch up on all the movies we missed out on since Ashlyn came along. So far we've rented: "Iron Monkey", "The Sweetest Thing", "Collateral Damage", "Blade II", "The Rookie", "The Panic Room", and tonight we got "40 Days and 40 Nights". Josh Harnett might be a total babe, but this movie just sucks! I was sadly disappointed. *pout*

After we put the baby down to bed, we stayed up downloading and uploading pictures from this weekend. I have a bunch of great pictures from the wedding, and it's going to be hard deciding which ones to put on the webpage. I dread the backload, too. =/

Pictures from today:

in Wil's converitble rental car

the guys and Ashlyn waiting outside IHOPs

Wil, Wing, Bett, Aric, Ashlyn, Oli, and Ivy

...still waiting

Ashlyn playing with the waitress

at Tapioca Express

Ivy, Oli, Bett, and me

Hope you had a fun weekend!

pictures of Ashlyn in her crib this morning...
sleeping in the corner, butt in the air, holding onto her binky.

Big yawn!
(courtesy of Wing's camera)
Ashlyn's pics of the day

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