Perry picked me up around 8:45 this morning, and we headed for the Hilton in Pasadena. For only getting a few hours of sleep, I was amazed at how wide awake I felt. Most of the morning and noon, we were busy getting ready for the wedding and having our pictures taken.

The wedding was held at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. If you ever saw the movie, "The Wedding Planner" (with J. Lo)...you would recognize this church from the first five minutes of the movie. The church is beautiful, classic, and very old.
The ceremony was very touching and emotional. I cried the minute I saw Ann walk down the aisle with her parents. *sniff* Aric was asked to read a scripture from Corinthians. For weeks he's been taunting Ann by saying that he would read it in a melodramatic fashion similar to TV Evangelists, and even declared that he would pass around a collection plate after his reading. HAHAHA! I proudly watched Aric nervously give the reading. He did a great job. =)

After the ceremony, the wedding party stayed with the bride and groom as they took countless pictures with family and friends. The church didn't have A/C, and the 90+ degree weather outside was beating through the huge stained glass window. The church was like an oven!
The wedding party slowly made thier way back to the Hilton around 6pm.

With the ceremony over with, many of us started to mingle and celebrate early at the open-bar reception. *wink* Around 7:30pm, we made our grand entrance into the banquet room followed by the handsome newlyweds. I sat at the head table with the rest of the wedding party, but Aric, Ashlyn, Wil, Bett, Ivy, Oli, Wing, Wey, Ed, and Sue were only a couple of tables away...and as the night wore on, they were dubbed as the "rowdy" table. hehehe
So much happened throughout the night. I had a nice buzz going the entire evening and I'm happy to say that I can still remember everything. HAHAHA!
In a nutshell: the bride looked GORGEOUS (the groom didn't look too shabby either. HAHAHA!), the evening was filled was great fun, and we all had an amazing time! =D

We didn't get home until almost 2am. Wey, Wing, Wil, and Bett picked up Jack in the Crack on the way home. We stayed up a bit before going to bed....even Ashlyn! I have one of those "bobby-pin" headaches, my feet hurt, and I gotta shower. G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

Ann's parents, Ann, and brother-Andy

Cassie, me, Chris, Ann, Hye-Un, Margaret, and Emily

Ann with her flowergirls -Anna & Chloe

Ann & Phil lighting the Unity Candle

Aric, Ashlyn, and me (post-ceremony)

Sue, Bett, Wil, Ashlyn, and me

this picture scares me...Wey and Wing gettin' friendly outside the church. =/

Ivy, Bett, and Wil at the cocktail reception

Ed feeding Ashlyn

Wey and Wil

Ivy, Wing, and Bett

Ed and Sue

Ed, Aric, and Oli

the bridesmaids

Ivy, Bett, Wil, me, and Emily

...who says Aric and I aren't affectionate people?! hehehe

Ann & Phil's first dance

embarassing the ones who were lucky enough to catch the bouquet and garter

cake cutting

dancing the night away

Aric on the dance floor with his sleepy-head

Wil and Bett gettin' fweaky with Aric

me and Wing

more dancing

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