To someone who's more than just my sister...but also my best friend and confidant.
I love you and hope your birthday will be the beginning
of a year of happiness and success!

HAPPY FRIDAY! As I ran errands today, my friend, Tony (who was in the LA area for business), surprised me with an unexpected visit! He was around the corner from Target...where I was hogging up the Kodak Picture Maker machine...and kept me and Ashlyn company while I finished up printing pictures. He was heading home this morning, but decided to swing by and drop off some gifts. I wouldn't consider driving from Beverly Hills to Irvine "swinging by", but that's exactly the kind of person Tony is. He always goes out of his way. It was incredibly thoughtful!
I really wished we could have spent more time together, but I knew that he had a long drive back to SF. THANKS, Tony!

Aric came home early from work. We had Ann & Phil's wedding rehersal in Pasadena. We picked up Chris' dress on the way and traffic was unbelievably bad that by the time we got to the church, I missed most of the rehersal. I was really embarassed and totally bummed out. =(

After rehersal, we headed to rehersal dinner in Arcadia. Ann & Phil treated all of us to an eight-course dinner at Mandarin Shanghai Restaurant. The food was really good...though after the fourth dish came out, I was too stuffed to eat. We hung out a bit after dinner while Ann & Phil presented the wedding party with gifts. All the groomsmen got these ultra cool personalized "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's Green Destiny Sword" letter openers and all the bridesmaids got a personalized hand-knit throw. VERY COOL! Aric, Ashlyn, and I headed home around 10pm.

Pictures from tonight:

Ann & Phil with their families

Hye-Un, me, Ann, Cassie, Margaret, and Emily

Jason, Sayan, Phil, Jeff, and Andy

Aric and Ashlyn

me, Aric, and Ashlyn

By the time we got home, Ashlyn was very much asleep. We tucked her in and waited for Wil, Bett, and Wing to arrive. They got in a little after midnight. We stayed up snacking, talking, and watching "Charlie's Angel" on DVD.
I have a long day tomorrow....I still need to shower, shave, pack, etc.. G'Nite!
Have a great weekend! =D

Ashlyn playing with her toys in the car

looking at me quizzically

big smile
(goofy how easily her ear folds in) =P
Ashlyn's pics of the day

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