Today was a pretty productive day. This morning Ann dropped off wedding favors and place-cards for me to work on...it took me all morning and noon, but I got finished before Ashlyn went down for her nap. You know what's annoying? While I was alphabetizing the place-cards, I found myself continuously chanting the alphabet like "RainMan". It kind of reminds me of the time
we did place-cards for Wil's wedding.
Wil, Ivy, Cin, Bett, and I ate at Mimi's Cafe. After dinner, we cleared off the table and laid out the place-cards. Everyone was busy putting their stacks in order. Wil and I would both mutter the alphabet under our breath. It must have been bugging the shit out of Cin, because she was like, "Is it possible for you guys to do in your head?" HAHAHAHA!
It's a good thing that no one was here except for Ashlyn. =P The rest of the day went by quick. I cleaned up a bit, talked on the phone, and paid some bills.

Glenda, Ann, Ashlyn, and me

Glenda took me out tonight as a belated birthday gift. She showed up around the same time Ann and Phil came to pick up the favors, place-cards, and cashbox. We all chatted for a bit before Ann, Phil, Glenda, and I left...leaving Aric and Ashlyn to watch the "Teletubbies" video in peace. hehehe
Glenda and I headed over to South Coast Plaza for some quick shopping. I got some stuff at Sephora and some athletic pants from Express. We didn't get to all the stores I was hoping to go to because the mall was closing. Next we drove to the Spectrum and had a late dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Glenda wanted to take me for a spa treament or pottery painting...but I opted for a nice long un-rushed dinner instead. I had a great time catching up with Glenda. Thanks A LOT, G! =D

me and Glenda at The Cheescake Factory

Glenda, me, and Ashlyn

In case any of you are wondering what the hell's up with my hair and those lil' bangs. Those aren't bangs at all....those are broken hairs (weakened by highlighting and Magic perm). They used to be super short and stick straight up. Now that they're growing out, they look really funny...like a kid who cut her own hair with her eyes closed. =P

You know what?! I feel as though the end of PEGPOWER is drawing near. It's not for certain, but recently I'm lacking the enthusiasm, motivation, and inspiration to write. And for the first time in...gawd, I don't know when...I completely forgot to take pictures of Ashlyn yesterday! I felt as though I broke some sacred ritual. I think journal entries of me cleaning house, watching TV, and of places I dine are painfully boring. And sadly, even stories of Ashlyn's age/ability progression has lost it's novelty. Hmmmmm...what to do?...what to do? =/

I guess I'll sleep on it. G'Nite!

excitedly shaking a plastic bag

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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