Let me just tell you what a lil' rascal Ashlyn has become. This morning, while I was in the shower, she got into the cabinet under my sink. From the shower, I kept firmly saying "NO NO!"...but I wasn't too stressed about it since I made sure everything under there is tightly capped. I have a bunch of lotions, mouthwash, shampoo, facial cleansers, and other toiletries under there...and she pulled EVERYTHING out! By the time I got out of the shower, all my stuff was strewn everywhere! She even emptied out a brand new container of Q-tips. Q-tips were all over the place! The sight of the mess was too funny for me to get mad. I decided to grab my camera...but the minute she saw me, she quickly and fearfully crawled away.
AHA!...she DOES know right from wrong. *squint eyes* She kept her distance for a while, watching me clean up the mess. After the last item was placed back under the cabinet, she slowly made her way over again to pull stuff out. *sigh* I need to install those hooks.

Today was another quiet day at home. I called Ann to see if she had last minute wedding stuff for me to do. Poor girl...in the past week or so she got slapped with a string of bad luck. First, she got in a car accident. Then she sprained her ankle and walked around with the aid of crutches. The cream she applied to her ankle (to reduce swelling) caused an allergic reaction and gave her painful blisters and more swelling. Then today, she got a flat tire on her rental car! On top of all that, the hotel (where she's having her reception) has yet fax her the table arrangements. DAMN...that sucks! =/

Aric got home late from work tonight. We quickly ate dinner before Art came over....he's having problems with his computer and needed Aric to look at it. Art and Raul came over around 8 and stayed until 11:30. While Art and Aric worked in the office, Raul and I watched "Weakest Link", "Smallville", the news, and some of the Dodgers/Giants game. Tonight's "Weakest Link" was fun. All the contestants were 12 years old. It was amusing watching the kids' reactions to the host's usual rude remarks and intimidating staredown...as well as seeing their own quick quips/comebacks. Some of those kids just have a little too much attitude for their own good. As I predicted, a couple of kids broke down in tears when getting voted off. Overall I was impressed by everyone's confident demeanor and poise. The winner was this cute asian girl named, Tessa. She had straight black hair with dyed bright red ends. Reminded me of my Barbie-girl! hehehe

*ARGH!* I'm peeling like a mutha! I'm constantly surrounded by a cloud of flaky dandruff. My legs, my arms, my shoulders...my neck, my back, my coo... uh, nevermind. =P That's another one of those songs they repeatedly played on the cruise. hehehe On the bright side, after peeling, I'm still retaining my color. WOO-HOO! =)

Alrighty...it's late. I'm going to end this pitifully mundane journal entry. Seems like writer's block has returned. I haven't had anything good to write about since returning from the trip. Maybe I need another vacation? Hmmmm. HAHAHAHAHA! G'nite!



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