Whenever the weather gets really hot, ants start to invade our house. The past week has been hotter than hell...so you can imagine my infestation problem. I called our pest controller to complain...afterall, they guarantee their services...but the critters keep coming back.
This morning a guy came out to spray the outside perimeter, as well as dust and spray the inside of our home. Ashlyn and I needed to leave the house for a few hours to avoid toxic materials and fumes. We went to visit Aric at work and to meet him for lunch. We decided to grab a couple of hot dogs and do some shopping at Costco.

Besides buying the essentials, we picked up a couple of extra things. I saw the dopest doll house at Costco! I was eyeing it for a long time...touching all the cute little furniture, and testing all the doors and windows. Aric wondered if I wanted to get it for Ashlyn. Oh, hell no!...I was looking for me! HAHAHAHA! I finally had to pry myself away and remind myself that if I got it, Ashlyn would eventually break, lose, or eat all the pieces. *huff* Forget it...I'm too old to be playing with that stuff.... sorta. =P hehehe

After our Costco run, we went back to Aric's work. Ashlyn and I hung out for a while before heading home. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. I called some friends on the phone and caught up with some of them.

Once again, Aric and I had a simple dinner tonight: yummy cream of mushroom soup, edemame, and BLTs. We watched "Fear Factor", "Everybody Loves Raymond", then popped in "National Lampoon's Van Wilder". We also videotaped Ashlyn at play....even though she was in a cranky mood. We got her pissy attitude on tape. It was pretty hilarious. Afterwards, we played it back on the TV, and Ashlyn was trippin' out seeing herself and hearing our voices on TV. HAHAHA

Feeling kinda tired...going to bed early.

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