CONGRATULATIONS to Ray and Connie!

*YAWN* Last night...er, should I say, this morning...Ivy, Oli, and Paul got in around 3am. We all stayed up talking till nealy 5:30am before heading to bed.
This morning, I got up around 10:30 to find Paul downstairs watching cartoons and eating Taco Hell for breakfast. *cringe* For someone who just got off of a long flight from Taiwan AND endured a 7-hour car ride (all within less than 24 hours), he was amazingly peppy and energetic. Ivy, Oli, Ashlyn, and Aric finally got up around 11am. We all got ready and went for a nice leisurely lunch at BJ's. The weather was awesome today!
Afterwards, we ran some errands and went shoe shopping before returning home to meet with Ivy and Paul's parents. Ivy, Oli, Paul, Auntie Justina, and Uncle Dean got ready and left for Ray and Connie's Wedding.

Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to South Coast Plaza to walk around and shop. I got a few things...a Coach wrist purse, some silver earrings, and a new dress for Ashlyn (for Ann and Phil's wedding). Ashlyn rode the carousel for the first time...I think she enjoyed it. She looked like such a big girl, sitting there on the horse, holding onto the pole. =)
We left shortly after the mall closed and picked up some groceries at the market. I spent a nice evening with Aric and Ashlyn at home relaxing in front of the TV.

Ivy, Oli, Paul, Auntie Justina, and Uncle Dean got back from the wedding around 11pm...and brought along Jimmy and Jenni (who also came down for the wedding). It's been ages since I seen Jimmy and Jenni. It was really a nice surprise. =D They picked up a Banana Cream Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and sang "Happy Birthday". *blush*

Yep, I'm another year older. A lot has changed since my last birthday, but I still feel the same. This year was much more low-key than last...which is how I preferred to spend it. Unlike previous years, I noticed that I've become a bit uneasy with being the center of attention. Pretty shocking, eh? hehehe But today was perfect. Many THANKS to all the birthday wishes via phone, mail, voicemail, emails, and egreetings!...you guys ROCK! =D

Ivy, Jimmy, Jenni, and I stayed up watching "Trading Spaces" and talking till late...while Oli, Paul, and Aric crashed out. hehehe

Pictures from today:

Aric, Oli, Ivy, Paul, and Ashlyn at the Marketplace

Ashlyn showing off her garlic toast

Oooooh, messy messy!

Oli smiling and Ivy eating

Paul and Oli being silly

Ashlyn on the carousel

birthday festivities at home

me, Jenni, and Jimmy

Ivy in jammies...ready for bed

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