HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lil' Alexander!
May your 3rd birthday
be as happy and joyous as the days you bring to us!
Miss and love you lots!

Happy Friday! Since returning from the cruise, I've been really lazy and unmotivated to work on the webpage and/or upload in a timely fashion. Thoughts of laying out on the Verandah deck, strolling around the Atrium, and dining in the Inspiration room have been popping into my head all week. *sigh* On a brighter note, the slight swaying sensation finally subsided. =)

Tonight Aric surprised me with a birthday party at the Bluewater Grill! He cleverly planned evening with a bunch of close friends under the guise of our regular "Friday Nite Dinner" (with Ed, Brian, James, and Co). I really had NO idea. I was shocked, delighted, emotionally stirred, and secretly wished I had dressed more appropriately for the occasion. =P
We had a private room in the back and at each table setting laid a customized menu. The food was...*tilt hand*... okay. We dined on cocktail shrimp, smoked tuna, fried calamari, chowders, salads, seafood and/or steak brochette, apple or key lime pies, and chocolate birthday cake.
I wasn't very hungry, but I thoroughly enjoyed the company of friends. Some of whom I haven't seen in a long time. Ashlyn had a grand ol' time...which was nice because it allowed us to stay out till pretty late. Afterwards, Ed, Sue, Brian, Grace, and James came over to the house to hang out.

I had a GREAT time! A great big THANKS to everyone at dinner for your kind friendship and overly generous gifts. An extra SPECIAL THANKS to Aric for everything! =D

Pictures from tonight:

menu from dinner

Grace feeding Baby Taylor

Baby Taylor!

me and Ashlyn

Brian and Grace

Ben and Liz

Ann and Phil

Grace, Lauren, and James

Sam and Patti

Sue and Ed

Aric, Wey, and Mike

my family

Ed giving Ashlyn some lemon

"sour" face

Lauren helping me blow out my candles

Ann, Liz, me, Grace, Sue, Patti, Lauren, and Grace

Wey, Ed, Aric, Brian, James, Phil, Ben, Mike, and Sam

Ivy, Oli, and Paul are due to arrive soon. It's late and I'm tired. Have a great weekend!

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