HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alexander!

I just got word that the airport opened up...and Aric and I will be able to go up North, as scheduled, tomorrow! YAY! Actually, my flight was scheduled for this morning, and Ivy and I had planned to meet this afternoon...but moronic me forgot to tell her that I couldn't fly out. She called me while I was still lounging in bed. Ooops! =P I've been looking forward to visiting for so long now, and if the airport didn't open up, I was ready to hop in my car and drive. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't have to come to that. I mean, 6 hours in the car + small bladder = no good. My mother actually called me this morning offering to drive down to visit next week if I couldn't make it. Sweet...but, I'm coming home!

Last night Aric and I attended our last Lamaze class. Due to the current devastating events, less than half the class showed up. Oh, one couple delivered their child a month early over the weekend...the husband came to class, bearing snacks, and proudly shared his story. It was inspiring to hear that they remembered everything they learned in class, and it helped
them have a quick, smooth, and relatively painless delivery. For those who haven't taken Lamaze (which is most of you), the class is much more than learning how to breathe in and out. You get familiarized with the whole birthing process...how your body changes (better word for it would be metamorphosize), and what to expect/prepare for prior, during, and after birth. I can tell you, it'll never be like how it's portrayed in the movies...where the pregnant lady braces herself and goes, "ohmygod!...I think I'm having the baby NOW!" and then the guy runs around in a panic. The onset of labor is mild...and it can take hours before you can actually go to the hospital. It's suggested that you take a long walk (in your neighborhood or mall), have a light meal, shower, watch a movie, and rest up. Of course, don't go vacuuming the house or anything (which is something I'd probably do). Anyhow, we got our certificate of completion, and it was a great feeling to know that Aric and I did this together. Oh, I also want to thank Ann for substituting for Aric one week while he was away for his MBA Residential. She came with me to class, endured the graphic birthing videos, and went through the floor exercises with me. We looked like serious lesbos! HAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks, Ann!

Still haven't gotten any responses to the "Dating Game" yet.
Aaron, Wing, Derrick, Paul...C'mon, let me pimp ya!

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