I'm still stunned and saddened by yesterday's events in NYC. Wey called around 6:40am to tell us to turn on CNN. Half asleep, we watched, unable to absorb it all. I started to freak when I realized that Bett's in New York visiting her brother. I called, left messages on her cell, and waited for a response. Ivy called with the good news that Bett was okay....and an hour later, Bett called to confirm that. *exhale* We watched the news coverage unfold ALL day and ALL night...and I have to admit, the destruction and chaos was what I truly anticipated Y2K to be like. I consider myself extremely fortunate that the people closest to me were untouched by the tragedy....but that's not to say that we're not unaffected. We are...all of us. Some of us weren't so lucky. My brother-in-law lost a friend, who was on one of the LA-bound flights that hit one of the Towers. My brother-in-law's friend is survived by a wife and an unborn child. My
heart goes out to them. Matty has some pretty deep thoughts about the whole Terrorist attack. I, on the other hand, am still trying to make sense of it all.
I'm supposed to fly up to my parents' tomorrow, but I'm not sure if the airports will be operational. I tried calling to find out, but I'm greeted by the sound of a busy signal. Understandable. My girlfriends are throwing me a birthday party and baby shower this weekend, but in light of everything...we'll play it by ear. I do long to be close to them right
now...I kinda need it.

On a lighter note...the cold that I've been battling for the past week is starting to go away, and I've finally regained control of my bladder. Yeah, you heard right...I no longer tinkle in my pants when I cough anymore. =) I was totally embarassed, cursing myself in the beginning, but then I just accepted the fact that when you're as big as I am, it can't be helped. Yes...the glamour of pregnancy. I promised myself that I wouldn't turn PEGPOWER into a pregnancy forum or anything. I mean, if that's what you wanted to read about, you can go onto www.Discovery.com/health or something, right? But then I realized...this IS my life...right now at least...you know, swollen feet, backaches, small bladder, the duck-walk, Lamaze class, etc. So bear with me. I'll try to keep the icky details to myself.

I've been trying to recruit for my "Dating Game"...and so far I've had no success. I hit up all the good looking single brothers I know, but as always, you have to stroke their egos and twist their arm to get them to join. What is up with that?! I know, I know...the common fear is "I don't want to seem desperate". Dudes....do you realize how many females check out
that page?! A LOT!!!! Trust me. You don't think they come here to read my journal, do you? Well, if you're interested, or know anyone who's interested, just email me the following:


Oh, and don't forget to attach a picture!
Thanks! =D

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