Wishing you both a great day! =)

Last night before bed, Aric and I heard Ashlyn talking in her sleep. It was so funny! Out of the blue...you can hear her say very clearly, "Baby"...followed by some mumbling and lip smacking as she rolled over. Aric and I looked at each other dumbfounded and amused. Then I pointed a scolding finger at him and whispered, "she takes after you!"
Aric talks in his sleep...quite often. He usually mutters computer talk....like, randomly, he'll ask, "Did you recieve the hard-drive?" HUH?! *shrug* I'm totally immune to it now.

Today was quiet. I did more laundry. Yeah, we have a lot of dirty clothes, oka'? Just kidding. Since Ivy and her family are visiting this weekend, I wanted to get the sheets and blankets all nice and fresh for their arrival. The day went by quickly.

Aric and I had dinner and watched "Smallville" and "Dateline". While we were watching TV, Ashlyn took her first step..two steps to be exact! It was very exciting! We tried to get her to do it again, but she wouldn't. Everytime we stood her up, she wanted to sit down. *poo!* I'm sure she'll be walking soon. WOW! =D

Another short journal for today. Bear with me.

Ashlyn watching TV


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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