Mexican Cruise- Day 8

We got up bright and early, lined up for immigration and declaration at the Cole Porter Lounge by 7:30, grabbed breakfast in the formal dining room, then headed back to our cabins for last minute things. Looking out my window, I can see that we had already docked in San Pedro. We all sat on the Lido deck waiting for our colored tags to be called for debarkation.

I called and woke Aric up, then patiently waited. Our colored tags were called around 10am, so we made our way down to the gangway. We picked up our luggage at the terminal and waited outside for Aric to pick us up. Similar to when we first arrived to the dock last week, Berth 91 was crowded with people...people leaving the cruise and people waiting to get on.
We saw our table-mates and hugged each of the girls goodbye. The Oregonians made there way over to us and hung out for some last minute laughs before going on their merry way.

Aric and Ashlyn picked us up close to noon. Aric borrowed Ed's Excursion, and we loaded up the car before all piling in. It took Ashlyn a while to recognize me since I was so dark...but once she did, she excitedly grabbed my arm from her car seat and wouldn't let go. *Awww!* =D
We headed to Johnnie's Pastrami's in LA for lunch. To my surprise, Wil had called Juan and Rosa (our table-mates) and they joined us for lunch too! Lunch was fun, but I felt sad. I always feel sad when I know my friends have to go. We dropped them off at LAX around 2:40pm, then Aric and I headed home.

The minute I got home, I spent time just staring and playing with Ashlyn. When she went down for a nap, I busily watered my plants (that looked pitifully dried up), and dropped in a couple of loads of laundry. Around 8pm, we picked up some chinese food (YUM!) and headed over to Ed's shop. We ate with Ed, Sue, and Ho. Ed was busy working for an upcoming audit. We exchanged cars and headed back home. Aric and I watched TV and went to bed early.

Pictures from today:


Ivy, Bett, and Wil at breakfast

me and Cin

me, Ivy, Bett, Wil, and Cin on the Lido deck

us again


last picture with the Oregonians

car ride

Ashlyn, me, and Aric at Johnnie's

Wil and Ivy

Rosie, Juan, and Ashlyn

Anabertha and Ashlyn

Beatrice and Ashlyn

All in all, I had a wonderful trip and many heartfelt memories...but if I hear Nelly's "It's Gettin' Hot In Here" again, I'm gonna rip my ears off!!! *YAWN!*...what a long day! I'm tired. G'Nite!

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