Mexican Cruise- Day 7
Final Day at Sea

Bett, Cin, and I slept in longer than previous days. We got up and had breakfast in the formal dining room. Ivy and Wil had appointments at the Spa for massage and facial. After breakfast, Bett, Cin, and I walked around, shopped at duty-free, and attended the Disembarkment Information Forum at the Mikado Lounge. I went down to the internet cafe to shoot Aric a quick email regarding our arrival time and transportation arrangements.

It was a lazy day. None of us wanted to lay out by the pool....and since we're making our way North, the weather was cooling down a lot. I went back to the cabin for a nap, then had lunch with Wil at Tiffany's. Cin, Ivy, and Bett soon joined us. We walked around the ship, and while Cin, Bett, and Ivy ducked into the casino, Bett and I kicked it at the Drama Bar talking.
I can't describe how wonderful this trip has been. For the first time since Ashlyn was born, I only needed to worry about getting myself ready (for the pool, dinner, excursions, etc..). It's nice to be able to be spontaneous and worry-free (though secretly I still worried). =P I haven't really had any time to myself in a while and this was absolutely perfect! Not to mention being able to spend so many consecutive days with my girlfriends....what a TREAT! I know I will cherish this for years to come. Who knows when I'll be able to do this again?...if ever?

I was emailing with Winnie prior to leaving on this trip, and we were both discussing how a lot of people trip out on the fact that I'm vacationing without my husband. And since being on the cruise, I've encountered more people who were surprised that we're vacationing without our husbands. What exactly is the surprising part? That our husbands are supportive? That we didn't let marriage change our friendships and/or personal lives? I don't get it??? Out of curiosity, can someone throw me a freakin' bone here?

Since it's our last day at sea, we had to, divvy up the tip money, fill out our comment form, and settle our bills. I couldn't believe how much we spent on cocktails!...between the five of us, we spent close to $800! They really get you on the alcohol.
Dinner was great as usual, but I'm slowly losing my appetite. Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. The past few couple of nights I didn't order as much. I know I gained some weight by the way my clothes fit. =/
At dinner, the waiters serenaded us with a last song...a patriotic tribute. I felt kinda emotional knowing that this is our last night. My girlfriends surprised me with an early birthday cake, and I nearly burst into tears because of that. I was touched and overwhelmed by the love, kindness, and thoughfulness that my friends have shown me through the years and continue to give wholeheartedly.

We spent the evening taking pictures with all the service persons who made our trip so unforgettable. I can't tell you how many pictures we took on this trip!...aside from the 200+ on my camera...Wil, Ivy, and Cin took a crapload of pictures too...AND the pictures we took onboard with the cruise photogs! We're vain...plain and simple. hehehe We headed down to the Photo-Gallery to pick from dozens of portraits. We narrowed it down to eight portraits (at $20 a picture). Rape!

We hung out at Gatsby's Bar with the Oregonians. Then headed over to the club. For once we shut the place down. We stayed until the bartenders turned on the lights, cleaned up, and left. I was so beat...Bett and left around 3am to our cabin. Ivy, Cin, and Wil stayed to hang out with the Oregonians (I wonder if they like being referred to at the Oregonians?). =P
We had to pack up and have our luggage out in the halls before we went to bed. Since we had to be ready for immigrating and declaration by 6:45am, that only left us a couple hours to sleep.

Pictures from today:

Bett and Cin at breakfast

us and our awesome waiter and assistant waiter, Juan and Thanet

The Waiter's last seranade

Bett, Cin, Wil, and Ivy at dinner

birthday cake for me???

singing "Happy Birthday"

me, Bett, and our cabin steward, Wirat

us and our kickass waitress at Gatsby's Bar, Marenka

the Oregonians- Garth, Matt, Steve, and Casey

Wil and Bett dancing at the club


Ashlyn's pic of the day
(courtesy of Aric)

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