Mexican Cruise- Day 6
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Today's stop into Cabo is a short one. We only had 4 hours on land, so we chose not to do any excursions. We got up early and only had time to grab juice and a banana before heading to the gangway to disembark. Unlike days prior, we didn't dock at any ports. We walked off the gangway directly onto a boat. The boat took us to land, and from there, we walked along the main strip of Cabo for shopping and sightseeing. Cabo is less green and lush compared to Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.

I bought a phone card and called Aric. I had sent him an email from the ship's internet cafe, but the rates were ridiculously expensive (75 cents a minute and a $4.95 set up fee). I talked to him for a bit and I can hear Ashlyn babbling in the background. I missed them both. Although I'm having a grand ol' time...with each passing day, I catch myself staring at other babies on the ship and missing mine terribly. We talked until the card gave out, then I rejoined the group for more shopping. We grabbed lunch at a Loca Taco taqueria for some authentic mexican food. The Oregonians sat down to eat as we were finishing up, and we warned them not to miss the ship. hehehe

The line for the boat to get back on the ship was crazy. As we stood in line, I watched super young kids sell chiclets for money. And when I say super young kids, I'm talking 2 or 3 years olds! It's really heartbreaking. I would have bought some, but I was heeding Olinka's advice not to patronize young children or give them money. She said it discourages kids from going to school since they think it's easier to earn money for their families this way.
Hair-braiding is huge here...there are just as many people offering hair-braiding as there are kids selling gum on the street. When we first got to Puerto Vallarta, I considered getting my hair braided...but I'm glad I didn't. Everyone onboard (guys and girls) are sporting braided hair...like a bad cult. It's cute on kids, but it looks weird on grown women. If you're trying to look like Bo Derek from "10"...you don't.

Once back on the ship, Ivy, Wil, and Bett went to lay out on the Verandah deck. Since my whole body was still painfully sunbrunt from the previous days, I decided to skip laying out. Cin and I had lunch in the formal dining room, walked around, shopped at the duty-free shop, then hung out in her cabin. We both took a nap. I must have napped for a really long time, because Wil, Cin, and Ivy returned a few hours later (after attending the galley tour and losing money gambling and playing Bingo) heckling me. I went back to my cabin and found Bett napping. I watched parts of "Good Advice" on TV...a mediocre movie starring Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards, Jon Lovitz, Rosanna Arquette, and Angie Harmon. After Bett got up, and we got ready for dinner.

Tonight was the second formal night, and at dinner, the waiters entertained us with the Macarena. It sounds cheesy, but I had good time cheering Juan and Thanet on. After dinner, we walked around the ship, sat at the Atrium Bar for a bit, attended Beattle's Nite at the Cole Porter Lounge, had drinks at Gatsby's Bar, walked around a bit more before lining up for the Grand Gala Buffet. We heard that unlike previous midnight buffets, this is the MOTHER of all midnight buffets. They weren't kidding...it was so amazing what they can do with food. Of course we were too full to eat, but it was enough for me just to look at it. =D

We changed out of our formal wear and went to the club. Tonight a bunch of crew members, , were there celebrating someone's birthday...including the ship's Captain. It was a nice break from seeing the same ol' stuff. Though crew members are not allowed to mingle with guests, their presence made it much more fun and lively. After dancing, we took a stroll on the Verandah deck. Tonight was cooler and breezier than usual.

Pictures from today:

Cin, Bett and Wil on the boat to Cabo

me and Ivy

the Elation

Cabo San Lucas

water Taxi

the girls at Loca Taco

Ivy and her tostada

Ivy, Bett, Wil, and Cin hamming it up

at dinner

our table-mates: Anabertha, Beatrice, and their parents, Juan and Rosa

our waiter, Juan, doing the Macarena

drinks at Gatsby's Bar

Grand Gala Buffet

it's amazing what they can do with a watermelon...but it gives me the creeps

15 foot ice sculpture of a dragon

desserts, desserts, desserts!


Today Ashlyn turns 11 months! What are my observations this month? She's "talking" a lot now. She said her first word...I'm not sure what day exactly since I was in denial that her first word wasn't "mama" or "dada"... in any case, her first word is "bubble". Weird, huh? She says it every day. And lately, she started saying "baby". Okaaaaay. It's kind of strange since those are not words we say often...especially "bubble". She continues to laugh, squeal, and scream with delight, as well as scream, cry, and kick when she's upset. As long as she's holding onto something, she's walking everywhere now. She can stand steadily on her own for a longer period of time. She dances whenever she hears music...even if it's a jingle to a commercial. She loves to climb on and body slam people. She's still constantly curious and getting into EVERYTHING! She loves to climb stairs. She's really becoming a little person now. She's got a ton of facial expressions, and her personality is much more defined than before. I am concerned with the fact that she still has NO teeth and her hair is coming in super slow. *sigh* I wouldn't be surprised if she'ill be gumming her first birthday cake. =P
Boy do I miss her!

Ashlyn's pic of the day
(courtesy of Aric)

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