So....didja miss me? =) I've gotten a lot of encouraging emails from people about the new layout, and I just wanted thank you guys for the encouraging comments. Also, I've gotten tons of inquiries about what caused my sudden disappearance and a "rumor" about a baby. Well, it's not a rumor. Aric and I are indeed expecting....a little girl...pretty soon. My due date is October 6th. Regarding the sudden disappearance, what can I say?....we found out about the baby shortly, and I mean VERY SHORTLY after the engagement. So, it was either push up the wedding date or wait till after the baby to get married. I think I would have preferred the latter, but what traditional Chinese parents would be cool with that? Not mine, let me tell ya. Luckily, I have a great husband and amazing friends who whipped up a fairytale wedding I could only dream of. But the toll of the sudden move and all the changes made me terribly homesick and miserable...thus the disappearance. It took a long time to adjust to everything.
Life is better now...life is good.

These days, I spend my time transforming our house to a home that I'm increasingly becoming attached to, Lamaze classes, and hanging with new friends. Everyone always asks if married life is different. For me, not really...Aric and I haven't changed as individuals. We didn't "mesh" into one being like so many other people do, but we have become stronger as a couple than before. We're still learning so much about each other: like, it takes him two minutes to get ready for bed, whereas it takes me ten minutes. It still startles him that I go to the bathroom with the door open. He allows me to sleep as long as I want, but if I'm awake first, I'll do little things to wake him. *evil grin* To me, married life is like one long date that won't end. He's definitely a lot of fun!

Hmmmm, so what else is new? As you may have noticed, Matty finally got a space on my page. His layout is also very different than the angelic image (shyeah, right) of my page. But that's Matty..ya gotta love him. I know I do. He was by far my most loyal reader, commenting on almost everything I talked about, and making my guestbook into his own personal message board. So I offered him his own page. HA-HA...now I can bombard his guestbook. =) Check him out, if you haven't already.

My next project is the ever-so-popular "Dating Game". I'm looking for some contestants. So if you know anyone who may be interested, please email me.
*sigh* It's good to be back. =D

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