Mexican Cruise- Day 3
At Sea

Another day at sea. We got up, ate brunch at Tiffany's, and laid out on the Verandah deck by the pool. We saw Rosie, Anabertha, and Beatrice at the pool so I spent most of the day playing in the pool with the two lil' ones. Afterwards, we played cards on deck, then went to the Drama Bar for margaritas, chips, and salsa, and then went back to our cabins to rest up for dinner. When Bett and I got back to our cabin, an invitation was slipped under our door...it was an invitation to a Repeater's Party (thanks to Bett, who went on Carnival's Jubilee Cruise a couple years back).

The five of us hung out in our cabin and ordered room service. Room service was excellent!...they offer many tasty selections, service was fast, and the food was yummy! Bett and I both had the roast beef and brie on a french roll...it was great! We rested up a bit before getting ready for dinner.

The ship continued to rock, but I think many got used to it...including Cin. The Inspiration Dining room returned to full capacity tonight. Let me just share this tidbit...on the dinner menu, they offer many different starters including two different types of soups, two salads, five entrees, and four desserts. Normal people would just order one from each course. NOT US!...we would each order three starters, a salad, sometimes two entrees, and sample more than one dessert! I'm sure our waiters, along with our table-mates, were thinking, "DAMN!..THESE GIRLS CAN EAT!" HAHAHAHA...yeah, we're scary.

After dinner, we checked out the Repeater's Party in the Cole Porter Lounge. It was 'invitation only' and Cin, Wil, and Ivy didn't have one....but one of the doormen ushered us in regardless. Drinks were free at the Repeater's Party, so I downed a couple of glasses of champagne and a Baileys-straight while Wil and Bett danced to the live band. We hung out at Gatsby's Bar for a while before heading to the nightclub. Oh yeah, we went down to our cabin for an outfit change sometime in between. I swear, we change at least 3 times in one day...it's crazy. Wil likes to change for every occassion, so we all follow suit. You know how there's always an unattractive individual in every group? Well, I have to say that that would be me. And to add insult to injury, I'm always dubbed as the "nice one". Bite me! *sigh*...a downfall to hanging out with such pretty girls. hehehehe

The club was dead tonight. We stood along the bar and painfully watched rhythmless people freak each other. We didn't stay very long at all and headed up to the Verandah deck to enjoy the warm breeze...we ended up goofing off and imitating people (and their dances) on the secluded deck. =P

Pictures from today:

Bett, me, Cin, Wil, and Ivy having margaritas

at dinner

Wil and Bett dancing at the Repeater's Party

me and Cin

chillin' at Gatsby's Bar

Girls Gone Wild on the Verandah deck

dare I say?..."I'm the King (Queen) of the World!" hehehehe


Ashlyn's pic of the day
(courtesy of Aric)

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