Mexican Cruise- Day 2
At Sea

This morning Bett and I woke up to the sound of a chopper flying overhead. I peeked out of our window, and sure enough....I see a US Coast Guard chopper flying right above our window. They hovered for a while. Later on we found out that someone was medically evacuated for a life-saving surgery. WOW!...freaky. =/

We ate brunch at Tiffany's by the pool on the Lido deck, and spent the day laying out on the Promenade deck. Though the weather was warm, it was quite breezy...and that made it hard to tell exactly how hot it was. I fell asleep on the lounge chaise for quite some time, and only flipped over after Wil told me to. I got burned pretty bad. =/

We had our first formal night tonight. The Captain was hosting a pre-dinner party at the Mikado Lounge. It's one of the very few nights that cocktails are actually free. We all got dressed up and hung out at the Cocktail Party before heading over to dinner. Up until now, our ship has been sailing steadily and smoothly....just as if we were still on land. But tonight, our ship caught the tail-end of a hurricane, and it was rocking along. It didn't bother me at all...I kind of liked it. Unfortunately, I couldn't say the same for Cin...or other passengers.

The Inspiration Dining room was pretty empty tonight. I think only half showed up. Our table-mates didn't show up...only the three daughters. Which was a shame because they missed out on the Waiter's Serenade. It was so cool....all the waiters lined up and sang in Italian.
Cin excused herself at dinner right after our entrees came out (lobster tails and prime rib) so she could lay down in the cabin. Our waiter, Juan, and assistant waiter, Thanet, totally hooked us up and packed up a new entree for us to take back to Cin.

After dinner we went back to the cabin to check on Cin, who felt all better after praying to the porcelain god. hehehe We changed out of our formal wear and headed back to the Mikado Lounge for the Vegas-style show. Weak. We went back to the Gatsby Bar to chill and drink, then checked out the club. I spotted the Abercrombie-guys, who found themselves some drunk girls who couldn't dance. There was a whole lotta bumpin' and grindin' that just looked like a bad car accident. And I could help but watch. hehehe The dj at the club was junk. He played off of cds and would attempted to mix songs, but only succeeded in throwing everyone off rhythm. And if you stayed at the club longer than an hour, you'll notice that he'll repeat the same songs. We decided to check out the midnight buffet and hang out on the Verandah deck. We were the only ones on the huge deck. Since it's aft, I figure it's yet to be discovered by everyone else. It was so nice and warm out. We headed back to the room...I forgot what time. There are no clocks around and I didn't have a watch on me. Bett curled up with a book and I watched "All Dogs Go To Heaven" on TV.

Pictures from today:

Cin, Wil, and me at the Captain's Cocktail Party

at dinner

Waiter's seranade

Wil, me, Ivy, and Bet with Anabertha, Beatrice, and Rosie

Ivy, Wil, Bett, and Cin partaking a late night stroll on deck


Ashlyn's pic of the day
(courtesy of Aric)

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