Mexican Cruise- Day 1
Set Sail

After a quick bite to eat in the car, Aric and Wey dropped us off in San Pedro's Berth 91 around 11am. As we drove up to the port, the sight of the grand cruise liner (ELATION) was breath-taking! Aric was taken aback and his urge to join us was undeniable. hehehe =)
We grabbed all our luggage, said our goodbyes, and stood in one of the many lines to get on the ship. Ashlyn had fallen asleep on the ride there...which was a great relief to me, since I didn't know if how she would react to all of us leaving her. The weather was unbelieveably hot and we were really excited.

After a couple of hours of waiting in different lines, we were finally able to board the ship! We checked into our cabins, waited for our luggage to be delivered, then started our exploration of the ship. Bett and I shared a cabin, while Ivy, Wil, and Cin shared the one right next door.
I heard that one of the great pleasures of being onboard a cruise ship is the food....they feed you 24/7. So right away, we headed up to the Tiffany's dining area to eat. Tiffany's is an open seating dining room with buffet-style food, meat carving, salad bar, pizza bar, dessert bar, etc...and it's open 24 hours. COOL! Afterwards, we walked around and checked stuff out. The ship was HUGE, and the decor inside was very elaborate...similar to the splendors of Las Vegas Casinos.

By the time all the passengers got on, we had a mandatory life-jacket drill. The drill took a while as they were very thorough in explaining what deck and which life boats are designated to you. But honestly...I'm sure should anything happen, everyone would just run around in a panic and scramble to the life boats closest to them. =P
After the life boat drill, we headed to the Drama Bar for complimentary sushi and drinks. The ship finally set sail around 5pm. We made another round around on deck, before heading to our room to change for dinner.

We had late seating dinner (8pm) in the formal Inspiration Dining room. Our head waiter lead us to our table (which seats 10). Our table-mates had not shown up yet, and the head waiter jokingly told us that he'll bring over 5 handsome guys to our table. Oh yeah, baby! HAHAHA!
Our table-mates finally joined us...a friendly Mexican family with three young daughters. We bonded with them instantly.

After dinner, we walked around the ship and finally settled in at the quiet Gatsby's Bar for drinks. We indulged in some cigars, cognac, and great conversation. Pass the Coo-va-thee-ay, please. hehehe
Ivy, who normally doesn't drink at all, enjoyed the cognac. She would sip slowly and let it sit on her tongue. She made it look so good. My curiosity was peeked, and I had to try some. I sipped and the shit was hella strong! I had the heebie jeebies and washed it down with some water. UGH!...I should just stick to what I like: beer and mixed drinks. =P After a couple of hours, we headed to the Jekyll & Hyde nightclub. Things were jumping in there. They played games to get people to interact with each other. We met a group of good looking Abercrombie-type guys that seemd to have only one thing in mind...to hook up. No thanks. Move on, playas.
After a long day...we finally retired to our cabins around 2am.

Pictures from today:

dropped off at port

YAY! Finally getting onboard!

Ivy, Bett, Cin, and Wil in the elevator

sitting on my bunk in our cabin

Life jacket/boat drill on the Lido deck

glass elevators in the Atrium

Wil, Cin, Ivy, and Bett enjoying some sushi

our cocktails

sunset taken from the Verandah Deck

Wil, Ivy, and Bett at the Gatsy Bar

me and Cin

celebratory Kamikaze shot at Jekyll & Hyde


Ashlyn's pic of the day
(courtesy of Aric)

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