The countdown to my cruise: just 1 more day till departure!!! =D

This afternoon Aric, Ashlyn, Wey, and I picked up Cin, Ivy, Bett and Wil at LAX. We drove back and grabbed a late lunch at Oscars. Bett was craving Oscars and was all excited when we went. Afterwards, we dropped off everyone's luggage at home before going to our manicure/pedicure appointments. After getting pampered at the nail salon, we did a bit of shopping at the Marketplace. Today was nice and relaxing .

For dinner, we went to The Yard House at The Spectrum. Food was really yummy....all the girls shared a bunch of different appetizers for dinner. Today's weather was warm and unusually humid. We walked around after dinner for a bit. Wil and Cin got one of those temporary airbrush tattoos for the cruise. Wil got a little dragon and Cin got a band around her ankle. Bett urged me to get one too...but they didn't have a stencil for "THUG LIFE". That would have looked great across my neck or chest. HAHAHAHA! Seriously though, it's not the same getting a temporary tattoo when I already have a real one. And one is quite enough for me.
The Spectrum was super crowded tonight, so we left and headed back home. Everyone had food coma and a couple of them had dozed off on the sofa. I spent the evening cleaning up, cooking (so Aric would have something to eat after I leave tomorrow), hanging out with my friends, and watching TV.

Ashlyn was such a nightmare tonight. She refused to go to bed and stayed up crying. *sigh* A night before my trip and she was behaving in a way that was making me reconsider whether I should go or not. *Ugh* But I realized that after a long day of playing with all her "aunties" today and completely skipping her nap, she was just deliriously tired. Hopefully she'll be better tomorrow morning. Hopefully!

Can I just tell you how much everyone packed?! Each girl brought a huge 26" roller bag. It made me want to bring more stuff. But after spending a long time last night minimizing the amount of clothes, shoes, and stuff to pack, I decided against it. If I forget anything, I'm sure I can bum off one of the girls. hehehe

Another short post today. I better get some shut eye...we have to be up early and get to the docks in San Pedro. Thanks to everyone who wished me a fun trip. I promise...I will! hehehe
I'll take lots of pictures! Journal posts will resume upon my return. Bye! =D

Pictures from today:

Aric, Wey, Bett, Wil, Cin, Ivy, and Ashlyn at Oscar's

me and the girls at The Yard House

Wey and Aric

Ashlyn and Auntie Wil

Ivy and Cin

me and Bett

Wil and her flirty lil' tatt

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