The countdown to my cruise: 2 days till departure! =)

Happy Friday! I can't believe how quickly this week went by! Originally, I was hoping it would go by fast, but now I could use a couple of extra days to fully recover from this cold. *sigh* Oh well. I am feeling much better than yesterday though. =)

Today I kept busy with the baby, some cleaning, and laundry. I also assembled this incredibly heavy swivel deluxe TV stand (that had been sitting in a box for the past couple of months in our living room). Aric was impressed that I put it together.*stretch* Yeah, I'm pretty handy! hehehehe!

Ashlyn got a new chair today!...a free Tigger chair from a Huggies Promo. She loves it! She refuses to sit in it, but she enjoys hugging it like a big stuffed animal and pushing it all around the living room. I noticed that I haven't written about her in a while. Let's see...anything new? Uh, yeah. Lately Ashlyn's been pushing everything around. If only she were stronger, I bet she could rearrange the our living room furniture. HA! =D Ashlyn's also very accident prone these days. She knocks into everything and falls everywhere. Last night she gave herself a fat lip when she tackled her Diaper Genie...her upper lip got caught on the lid of the diaper pail when it fell over. She sported a puffy lip the rest of the night. The swelling was gone by this morning, but her lip is still really red.
I wonder if ten months is too early to start disciplining??? Regardless, I had to smack Ashlyn's hand a couple of times today. Her first punishment came after I repeatedly told ner not to play with the electronic insect repellant (that is plugged into the wall). I had to pick her up and take her to a different spot of the room several times, but she adamantly kept crawling back to the same place to play with the outlet. She soon stopped after the mild hand-smacking. Of course I automatically felt torn afterward...I had to really fight the urge to coddle and comfort her so as not to confuse her. To me, this is the toughest part of parenting. I mean, between me and Aric, I know that I'll always have to play the "heavy"...he's WAY soft. =T

Aric, Ashlyn, and I spent a nice quiet evening at home eating pizza and watching movies. It was really relaxing. Though I have yet to start packing, I pretty much know what I need to bring so it'll get done by tonight. The girls are all flying in tomorrow and I'm really excited about that! YAY!

I'm going to keep this short...still got much to do before bed. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Ashlyn's new Tigger chair

loungin' & sippin'

clapping along with the TV

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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