The countdown to my cruise: 3 days till departure! =)

*COUGH*COUGH* I'm still sick...I still have a terrible pounding in my head and my sinuses are killing me. I took one of those nighttime tablets before bed last night, and it left me feeling groggy all morning. Ugh! Being sick sucks! =( Alright, enough whining.

I need to start packing for my trip. I think all the girls already have their bags packed. I was just going to go light...since I figured that I'll pretty much be glued to a lounge chaise by the pool the entire time. But Wil sent a pretty long list of things we'll need to pack...including a formal dress for Captain's Night. I should take up Evil's offer on cruise tips. =)
I've only been on a cruise once....to the Caribbean with my mom, my grandmother, my godfather, and Wil. I was thirteen at the time, and both Wil and I were too young to fully appreciate it. I doubt if Wil remembers much...she got seasick a lot. I remember swimming at the pool a lot, hanging out in the game room listening to music from the jukebox (to this day, Pet Shop Boy's "West End Girls" always remind me of that cruise), wandering the halls and exploring the ship with a curly-haired girl named, Stephanie, sneaking into the casino and club at night, and hanging out with a bunch of guys from an All Boys' Prep School (who were on their Senior Trip). At one of the ports...I think Cozumel...my mom allowed me, Stephanie, and Wil to go shopping on our own. Oooooh, so dangerous now that I think about it...but then again, those were different times. I'm ashamed to admit that I shoplifted for the first time there. And we're not talking something small like candy or lipgloss. I ganked a bathing suit...a purple bikini, to be exact. I don't know what I was thinking!?!?! I held it up, liked it, and shoved it into the pocket of my shorts. CRAZY, huh?! *tsk tsk* I was not a good girl back in the day. =T

Remember last week...when I was dropping hints about going to a movie at the park? Well, Aric found another park close by that was showing "A Bug's Life" tonight. I packed a picnic basket with drinks, snacks, and fruit, and we picked up some fast food for dinner at the park. Prior to showtime, they have all these games and activities for family and kids....unfortunately, Ashlyn's too young to participate in those games. When we first got there, it wasn't too crowded...but as it got darker, more and more people started showing up. People brought their babies, kids, pets, blankets, pillows, cushions, camping gear...whatever they wanted. The City of Tustin (who sponsors these events) also handed out free bags popcorn to everyone. It was really cool! I kinda felt like a kid at a Fourth of July Block Party. FUN! FUN! hehehehe And as I looked around, I just kept thinking, "This is über suburbia!" =D
Toward the end of the movie, we noticed that half of the crowd had left...it was pretty chilly tonight. Even though we wanted to finish the movie, we decided it was best to leave. I'm still sick, and we didn't want Ashlyn to catch a cold. Aric and I stopped off at Blockbusters on the way home to drop off "Iron Monkey" and pick up "The Rookie".

After we got home, we caught the last half of MTV's "VMAs". Ohmigawd, did you see Pink as she accepted her award? Girl was tossed! Oh, and Christina Aguilera...she keeps on getting skankier and skankier! =P After Ashlyn went to bed, Aric and I popped in "The Rookie". Aric fell asleep half an hour into the movie. He was pretty tired. I watched the entire thing...it was a pretty long movie, too (127 min). The movie was good...your typical "based on a true story"-Disney-feel-good movie. *sniff*

Pictures from tonight:

kids playing at Cedar Grove Park

Movie in the Park

Aric and Ashlyn

me and Ashlyn

family picture

What a fun evening! I'm pooped...better rest up! =)

Ashlyn squatting and showing "plumber's butt" hehehehe

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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