This morning I got a call from my friend, Kaori...she's in town visiting this week from Japan. We decided to meet up at South Coast Plaza for lunch and some shopping. The last time Kaori saw Ashlyn was back in February (at Ivy's wedding)...so imagine her surprise seeing Ashlyn today. Kaori and I enjoyed a nice long chat over lunch at Vie de France, then spent the afternoon shopping. Though I told myself that I wasn't going to buy anything at the mall, I couldn't resist some of the bargains I found. I got a cute lil' hat for Ashlyn (which she automatically ripped off her head). *sigh* I picked up a Lancôme Juicy Tube Lip Gloss...I find that they're longer lasting and less sticky than MAC's Lip Glass. I also found a cute belated birthday gift for Bett. Finally! And I bought three dresses, a ruffled tank, and a pair of khaki low-rise capris. I found those at dirt cheap prices...so cheap, it's embarassing.

Since returning from Vegas, my throat has been sore and swollen, and I've been feeling a bit congested. But today my whole body ached and I definitely knew that I was coming down with something. =( By 4:30pm, I was feeling really awful and decided to head home. Kaori continued shopping, but we said that we'll try to get together again before she leaves for Japan.

Ashlyn slept the whole way home. By the time I got home from sitting through the sedating sunlight and afternoon traffic, I was ready for a nap myself. But of course, Ashlyn woke up from her nap and wanted to play. Luckily, Aric got home shortly after I did, and kept the baby busy.
I felt so crummy that I stayed home tonight while Aric and Ashlyn went to dinner at my mother-in-law's place. Aric suggested I rest, but once they left, I tended to some chores and worked on my webpage. Yes, I know...the journals have been inconsistently behind. I've been trying to catch up from the weekend. =P Sorry.
I finally rested on the couch and watched "Smallville" and "Dateline" while talking to Ivy and Wil on the phone. Aric and Ashlyn got home a bit after 10pm. Ashlyn's eyes were all red from crying. Aric said that she cried for most of the car ride home. =/

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn at South Coast Plaza

Ashlyn and Kaori

the three of us

Going to bed early...I NEED to get over this thing quick. The countdown for my cruise begins...5 days till departure! Email chains have been going back and forth between the five of us regarding what to pack, insurance, excursions, etc...and as each day passes, we each get antsier and antsier. Shooo...is that even a word?! Anyhow we'll all be happy as soon as this week's over. =D

Ashlyn playing with her reflection at Banana Republic

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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