Really glad to be able to celebrate it with you this year!
May we share many more birthdays together!

Ashlyn woke up around 10am this morning. I don't know why she slept in so late, but I wasn't complaining. =) Ashlyn had her breakfast and watched PBS while I checked email and watered my plants. Before noon, we picked Aric up from work for a lunch date with Tim and Stephanie. Tim used to work with Aric, but in the past couple of years, he's been working abroad at the Taiwan and China office. Now the company is relocating him the UK office for an indefinite amount of time. Wow...that's a whole lotta moving. If given the opportunity, I don't know if I would be able to do what Tim does. I can't move around a lot...I need stability and consistency in my life or I'd go nuts. Anyhow, it was great catching up with Tim and Stephanie at Souplantation. They both got a big kick out of watching Ashlyn feed herself and make her "scared" and "freezing" face. HAHAHA! After lunch, I went back with Aric to his work so Ashlyn and I could visit with some of Aric's coworkers for a bit.

I had discovered that I lost my cellphone late last night, and I felt completely naked without it. I finally tracked down my cell...which fell out of my bag in Perry's car. Perry was really gracious in offering to drop it off to me. So Ashlyn and I went home in time to meet with Perry. I spent the afternoon playing with Ashlyn, talking to Matty and Ivy on the phone, and trying to update the webpage.

After Aric got home from work, we joined Ed, Sue, Sam, Patti, Grace, and James at Morton's Steakhouse for James' birthday dinner. I've never been to Morton's before...always heard nice things about it...unfortunately I wasn't really in the mood for pricey cuisine tonight. Having recently over-indulged in fine dining in Vegas, all I wanted for dinner was a bowl of won tons. =P
Nevertheless, I ordered the Prime Rib, while everyone else got either the Rib Eye or Porterhouse Steak. We all had salad and ordered sides to share. Morton's Prime Rib was the BEST I've ever had!...and believe me, I've sample many a Prime Ribs. My cut was gigantic (bone in) and it was extremely tender. I shared a chunk with Aric and Ed, who agreed that it was really really good. Aric's Cajun Rib Eye was pretty tasty too! After dinner, we had coffee and dessert.

The food at Morton's was excellent! Too bad I can't say the same about the service. Our waitress, who made a mistake taking down an order, was nice enough...but it was the evening manager, who came to clear up the mix up, that was being an ass. Though he apologized for the mix up, he ruined it by throwing in a snide comment before walking away. So what could have been an honest mistake that we would have shrugged off, now left a bad taste in everybody's mouths. Of course we made sure that the manager knew we were unhappy...and after a long while, the manager finally returned to our table to apologize and deduct the mix up off our bill. Still, I think our dining experience was ruined. And for the price of dinner there...it's just not worth it.

We still managed to have a good time. It was nice seeing everyone again. I swear, It's been three weeks (or more) since I've last seen Ed and Sue. I guess we've all been pretty busy.

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn sitting at the table

me and Ashlyn (blinked)

Ashlyn and Aric (both blinked) HAHAHA!

Ed and Sue

Sam and Patti

James and Grace

me and my Prime Rib

James making his wish

Aric, James, Ed, and Sam outside

I had a pretty full day. *sigh* ...and now I've got food coma. I also feel like I'm coming down with something. =/ Hope not.

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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