I woke up around 10am to find Emily, Ann, and Perry already showered, dressed, and packing up. I quickly jumped in the shower, got ready, packed up, and we all headed down to put our stuff in the car. We met up with Gloria, Margaret, Phil, and his friends for lunch at Bayside Buffet. Phil, who also had his Bachelor Party the night before, looked a bit hungover. =P

me, Ann, Gloria, Margaret, Perry, and Emily at lunch

Phil, his groomsmen, and friends

all of us

After a yummy buffet brunch, we headed back home. OHMIGAWD...bad idea! Traffic was horrendous! It took us seven hours to get home!...most of the time, we had to drive without AC (to avoid over-heating). The temperature was over 105 degrees out. It was miserable. =(

I got home around 9pm. Poor Aric waited until I got home to eat. I wasn't very hungry at all, but we went and grabbed burgers and came home. We watched "Don't Say A Word" on HBO, while I happily played with Ashlyn until her bedtime. I had missed my lil' babygirl sooooo much!
I spent the rest of the night dumping pictures off my camera and Ann's camera, uploading all of them, and sharing details of my trip with Aric. There were a lot of naughty pictures and Aric got a big kick out of all them. I just hope Phil doesn't kick my ass after seeing pictures from Ann's Bachelorette Weekend. =P

I had such a long, hot, and sweaty day from sitting in the car all day. I'm drained, pooped, and dying for a nice hot shower! G'Nite! Hope you all had a great weekend! =)

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