Emily picked me up this morning at 7:45am. After kissing Aric and Ashlyn goodbye, we met up with Ann and Perry, and began our journey to Las Vegas for Ann's Bachelorette Party. The drive to Vegas was a breeze. We got in around noon and checked into our room at Mandalay Bay. Margaret and Gloria met up with us shortly after and we spent the afternoon laying out and lounging at the beach and wave pool at Mandalay. The weather was crazy hot...well over a hundred degrees! We hung out, checked out the hotties, sipped maragaritas, and splashed in the wave pool. I finally got some sun! *YAY!* =)

We all headed up around 5pm to shower and get ready for Ann's big night! I have to say that this is my first "real" bachelorette shindig. In the past, I've mostly celebrated quiet Bachelorette Weekends at the spa and other relaxing retreats. From the beginning, Ann had expressed interest in doing the typical wild "trailer trash" Bachelorette thingy...and her wish was our command. hehehehe
Once Ann was dressed, we completed her outfit with a veil and gummy worm belt. We also gave her a bag full of lollipops to sell ("A Suck for A Buck") and a scavenger list.

We had dinner at Nine Steakhouse at the Palms Hotel. The place was amazing and the food was to die for! We ordered a bottle of champagne and the chef sent over a complimentary salmon tartare appetizer. We ordered a couple of appetizers and almost everyone ordered the 12oz Filet Mignon...except me and Perry. Perry got a hefty 24oz Rib Eye Steak, while I got the Seared Ahi Tuna on Rock Shrimp Risotto. We also ordered a side of Grilled Asparagus and Garlic Mash to share. For dessert we had Creme Brulee and Campfire S'Mores. I loved the S'mores because we were able to toast our own marshmallows over an open (portable) flame. It was so much fun! =D
Toward the end of our meal, we decided to have Ann begin knocking off a few embarassing tasks from her scavenger list. Perry enlisted the aid of a group of guys from nearby tables to help. That Perry, I tell ya...has no qualms approaching strangers and getting them to do just about ANYTHING! It was hilarious. Ann got most of the list done. For each task she didn't complete (by the end of the night), her penalty was a shot/drink per task. hehehe Impressively, she only left two tasks incomplete....but we didn't hold her responsible for those.
A cool thing happened at dinner. Robin Leach (of "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" fame) and Kerry Simon (of Prime at the Bellagio Hotel and Iron Chef USA fame) sat at the next table and invited us over to their table for a picture. KICKASS!

After dinner we walked around, drank at the bar, mingled with strangers (thanks to Perry, again), and gambled. Once 11pm rolled around, we headed toward the club, Rain. A HUGE line already formed...but we bypassed that completely. Don't ask me how we got so hooked up, we just did. We walked right through and didn't have to pay the cover charge either. Rain is an incredible club...great music with awesome flame shows. We partied all night in one of the VIP booths. Once again, I'm not sure how we got into the booth....a lot of it had to do with Perry's power of persuasion. *wink* Ann sold quite a few lollipops throughout the night....which we made into our "drink" money. After many drinks and hours of dancing, we decided to move the party to the next venue...the strip joint. As we left the club around 2am, I was shocked to see that there was still a HUGE line of people waiting to get inside! =O

The six of us caught a limo to Olympic Gardens. Ann got in a few of lap dances...including one where they pulled her on stage. The rest of us got danced on, too. *eeeek!* I was really embarassed. While other girls groped and grabbed their dancers...I didn't know exactly where to put my hands. =P And instead of simply enjoying my lap dance, I nervously talked to my dancer the entire time...asking him how he liked his job and how long he's been dancing, etc.. He must've been thinking, "Damn, shut up already!" HAHAHAHA! We didn't stay there very long. We headed back to Mandalay Bay, changed into comfortable clothes, and grabbed a bite to eat at Raffles Cafe. I was pretty tired by that point...and when the rest of the girls wanted to walk around and gamble afterward, I had to call it a night. I headed up to our room around 5am.

All in all we had a pretty wicked time....we got the royal treatment the entire night, we all had a blast, and no one threw up. HAHAHAHA! My only regret was not being able to get in more pictures from the night. The camera batteries died in both my camera and Ann's...but I was able to squeeze some juice outta my battery at the strip joint before the camera REALLY died. hehe
I went to sleep with ringing in my ears and visions of tight butts in my head. HA! =D

Pictures from the day and night:

Ann, Perry, and Emily packing the car for our roadtrip

the hotel

Emily, Ann, Perry, and me on the way to the beach

Ann after her first lollipop sale

me, Gloria, Ann, Perry, Margaret, and Emily at Nine

the Bachelorette

Ann with Robin Leach

Perry with Kerry Simon

random guy biting off a gummy worm from the front

biting off a gummy worm from the back

Ann, Margaret, and Perry in the limo

Ann on stage (picture cropped to protect your eyes) hehehe

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