Today was a day like any other....stayed home with the baby, did stuff around the house, surfed the net, got ideas for Ann's bachelorette party, etc... While Ashlyn took her afternoon nap, I got crafty and made some cards for friends with a couple of rubber stamps and blank cards. Of course after I stamped all the cards, I only got to write out a few cards before she woke up. *sigh* Oh well...I'll just work on them a little at a time.

Tonight I wanted to go to a movie at the park. I had been dropping hints about it all week. They're showing "Pirates of Penzance", and although Aric didn't seem all that excited about the movie, he was down to go. I really didn't care what movie was playing...it would've just been nice to go out and do something different...plus, how often can you catch a free showing at the park and not worry about the baby making a whole lotta noise? Unfortunately, Aric had to attend a farewell dinner for a coworker after work. It was a big bash, and the company rented out an entire restaurant. Understandable. I was a bit disappointed...mainly due to the fact that Aric and I haven't done anything recreational together in a long time. Sure, we're together all the time...but not together together. And lately I feel as though our relationship has stagnated (thus, sparking little tiffs here and there). I realize that guys become comfortable and complacent in relationships and don't feel the need to put in as much effort. That's okay by me to some point. I'm not talking about wining and dining and being lavished with material goods all the time. I'm referring to simple quality conversation, maybe a long hug every so often.
To neglect a relationship for a long period of time can be damaging. I feel like we allow day-to-day responsibilities and obligations get in the way of making time for one another....and before you know it, weeks and months pass without a single loving exchange. It's quite sad if you ask me. =(

Tonight felt really long. I didn't do anything but watched TV...even though my attention was diverted as all those thoughts were eating away at me. Aric got home a little after 10pm. I had just finished giving Ashlyn a bath, and he stumbled in looking a bit sloshed from the evening's festivities. I couldn't help but feel irked. I really wanted to talk about things but I didn't think he or I were in a good state to begin a discussion on it. I just swallowed it in as if nothing bothered me and he went to bed early. After I tucked Ashlyn to bed, I tearfully went downstairs to think and play mindless games on the computer. I was surprised when Aric came down a hour later just to see what I was doing. He looked extremely tired and out-of-it, but sat around quietly to keep me company. It confuses me when he does that, because I see that he is making time and effort...it's just not in a way that I can appreciate. *sigh* So that was my day. =/

BUT...on a brighter note, I got a call from Sarah today, and she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! I was so shocked since I thought she finished selecting her bridal party. Sarah really wanted to ask in person but I didn't know when my next visit up North would be, so she caved and asked over the telephone. WOW! Thanks, Sarah!...it would be an honor! =D

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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