For the past couple of days, Ashlyn's been getting up at 7 in the morning...and although she now takes two naps (instead of her usual one) during the day...it just makes my day feel ultra long. I continue to battle the overwhelming fatigue that's been plaguing me the past couple of weeks. It's starting to become a cause for concern. I've never felt this tired in my whole life.... even going through my first trimester with Ashlyn, I was never THIS tired. =/

Yesterday was really bad (hence, no update)...in the afternoon, I was nodding off pretty bad. I decided to lie down on the carpet, close to where Ashlyn played, to rest my eyes. Ashlyn kept climbing and tumbling all over me. I was sooooooooooo tired that I manged to get half an hour of shut-eye through all that. I finally woke up because she started body-slamming and head-butting me. *OUCH!* I swear, girlfriend thinks it's WWF here. You should see Ashlyn in her playpen....she literally rebounds off the walls to gain momentum so she could power slam her toys. Sometimes it looks as though she's doing a spinning elbow drop. *ugh*...she's an animal!

Anyhow, today wasn't as bad as yesterday. Which was a good thing because I had much to do.
I ran errands and went to the market. Ashlyn was in such a happy mood. She smiled at everyone when we went to Michaels, Longs, and Ralph's. When I got back, I worked on the front yard...planting Gazanias and filling in the sparse areas with bark. I picked up some silk florals and terracotta planters at Michaels and put them in the planter box outside of the guest room window. As you can see, I'm trying really hard to add color to our home and yard. Our house, compared to the neighbors', looks so plain. And I think that's another reason why we got another letter from The Association about a parking situation. Aric parks his car on the street...because my car and his RX-7 is already in the driveway. There is NO space in our garage for a car because the garage is a damn mess! But that's a whole other story that I won't get into now since it pisses me off just thinking about it. Well, at least he's been actively working on clearing it out... so hopefully we'll be able to park a car in there soon. Anyhow, The Association noted that residents who parked on the street were violating the compliance agreement. Fine. I just hope we weren't the only ones that got a letter...most of our neighbors also park on the street. Sucks, yo.

Tonight Patrick, Eleanor, Nathan, and William came over for a BBQ. It was nice having people over for dinner. It's rare that Aric, Ashlyn, and I actually sit down at our dining table for dinner. =P We spent the evening catching up over BBQ chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta, Peg's tossed salad, watermelon, chip and salsa, and apple pie. Afterwards, we poured over pictures from Eleanor's sisters-Edna and Evelyn's weddings. Everyone left close to midnight.
I was pretty beat....hope no one saw me yawning all night. Trying to fight back a yawn is the most difficult thing to do. You can't really hold it back, so your face contorts to some hideous expression while your lower jaw quivers uncontrollably and your eyes well up with tears. Trust me, it's an ugly sight. =P

Once again, I forgot to take pictures from the BBQ. =T Oh well. Better get some sleep. G'Nite!

blurry pic...she just won't stay still!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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