HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin, Kavin!

**for the record, I didn't misspell his name.
That's the way he spells it, though it's pronounced "Kevin". Don't ask...it's a Chinese fob thing**

This morning Ashlyn woke up around 5am and decided that she wasn't tired and wanted to play. I tried every trick in the book to get her to go back to bed. Nothing worked. I finally just stayed up with her until she got sleepy again...which was a couple of hours later. She ended up sleeping till 11am! That was whack. Anyhow, today was chill. It rained off and on throughout the day...a drastic change from the nice weather we've been having. The pitter-patter of rain was soothing though.

Wing has been sending a bunch of us random pictures that he superimposed with Photoshop. There was one of Lisa Ling and Wil (titled, "Separated at Birth"). Although it was amusing, I didn't see a resemblance at all. The next picture was of actors Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Harnett (titled, "Father and Son"). I still don't think Josh Hartnett looks like a young Tommy Lee Jones. Nah-uh!...NO WAY! Then this morning we got a picture of Ashlyn's face superimposed on Aric's head and body (titled, "Daddy's Girl"). It looked a little weird at first, because I didn't recognize Ashlyn with hair. Then I laughed for a good ten minutes. Check it:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!...I'm still laughing. From the picture, it doesn't look like a baby's face at all. It could pass as a retarded boy or something. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so mean. *snicker*

The day passed quickly. Ashlyn kept busy with her toys and I was on the phone a lot...first it was Ivy, then Sis, then Ed, then Sis again, then Aaron, then my mom, then Aaron again, then Ann, then Wil, then my mom again. *whew!* My ears were all hot and red.
Sis had called to tell me that she sent back one of Aric's computers to Ed's shop and wondered if we received it yet. She then went on to tell me that in the same box as the computer, she sent me three pairs of cute thong underwear (in a gift bag). I called Ed to reconfirm. He told me that they got it over the weekend and that a couple of his employees looked through the box and curiously held up my underwear. *GULP!* Shit! Ed owns a performance auto shop, and has a lot of young college boys working in shipping and receiving. I've met most of them and was aghast! I called Sis back and we both screamed and laughed. Oh well, what can I do now? Uh..avoid eye-contact with any of them at all cost! I swear stupid shit always happens to me.

When Aric got home from work, I dragged him with me to the market for groceries. It's never a good idea to shop on an empty stomache, because anything and everything looks real good. We picked up burgers on the way home, and made it back in time for "Smallville". I like the show for Clark and Lana. Aric likes it for Lex. Yeah...Michael Rosenbaum's a hottie too. =)
We watched the news afterward, and I have to say that there's a lot of messed up people out there! It's really depressing.

That's all folks. I'm beat.

Ashlyn playing in Aric's shoebox

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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