I don't know what time Aric got up this morning, but he brought me a Big Breakfast from McDonalds. Sad to say but Ashlyn and I slept pretty well without Aric's snoring last night. hehehe Aric started working on the cabinets in the garage and that took most of the day.
Aric and I got in a lil' spat this morning...and when I get upset, I clean like it's NO ONE'S business! The house is pretty clean already, so I had to look in places you normally don't even look at. After I cleaned the stovetop, I pulled out the entire unit and scrubbed down the sides. There are a lot of drippings in the space between the stove and counter. What the...?!?!?! Just wait...it get's worse. Afterwards, I vacuumed downstairs, dropped in a couple of loads of laundry, and took a toothbrush to the ceramic tile floor throughout the entire kitchen! Not even joking. Call me crazy, but it really helps manage my anger. The thing about fighting with Aric is this:
Peg: *gripe, gripe gripe*
Aric: ......silence......
Peg: *gripe, gripe gripe*
Aric: .... more silence.....

I'm the only one fighting. He doesn't say anything...NOT A SINGLE WORD! I don't know which is the greater of two evils- someone who hashes it out with you or someone who doesn't say anything. It's so damn frustrating! In any case, he has his pride and rarely says "sorry", but I can always tell when he wants to make ammends. Out of the blue, he'll ask if I want to do something or go somewhere...it's also the way he asks.
So we went to Home Depot again. Aric needed to pick up more cabinets, a countertop for his work bench, and hooks for his bike. I picked up a couple of Hederas and a Nephrolepis. We looked around for some more plants and flowers for the side yard. Last week Aric and I got a letter from The Association about the condition of our side yard. Yeah, our side yard is pretty dilapitated....we hardly water that side and the shrubs and plants dried up. It's so embarassing getting a letter from
The Association. I feel so singled out and paranoid that they've got an eye on us. =/
That's one thing I'll never get used to living here: The Association. Not only do we have to pay obscene Association fees, but we have to run everything by them before we want to do anything to our house! I realize it's their duty to make sure that residents don't do anything to bring down the property value, but puh-leez! *huff*

After Home D, Aric took me to the new Japanese market, Marukai, for dinner . Marukai has a nifty lil' food court inside...complete with L&L's, Sushi Boy, and Mitsuwa Ramen. Aric got the mix plate at L&L's, while I got the butter corn ramen. Aric also went into the market to buy some fresh Sake Sashimi for me. *smile*
Afterwards, we walked around the market and picked up snack foods (ie...Pocky Sticks, Li-Hing candies, rice crackers, Calpico, and Hawaiian Sun drinks).

We hit up one more Home D on our way home. Aric didn't find everything he needed....and still didn't. Oh well, it's too late to work on the garage anyway.
We played with the baby and watched "Rock Star" on HBO. Once again, I'm tired, sore, and I think I got carpal tunnel syndrome in my index finger....it's probably from my frantic toothbrush scrubbing of the grout and tile. =P
Hope you all had a good weekend!

Ashlyn playing with a CD

Mmmmm....Hawaiian Sun!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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