HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Elbin, Wilmer, and Kevin!
Wishing you all a great one!

Today after Aric, Ashlyn, and I got up, we went to lunch at Taco Hell and shopped around Home Depot. Aric was looking for some organizational units for the garage, and I picked up a half a dozen house plants. As of late, I noticed house plants being a common addition to decorating at people's houses. Up until now, the only plant Aric and I had in our home was the orchid that Tony gave when he visited. I know next to nothing about house plants and never really felt the need for them until now. Home D was having a big sale on plants...so I got a Dieffenbachia, Rhapis, and a couple of Epipremnums and Philodendrons, plus some pots to go with it. Aric and I also bought a bunch of Azaleas, Geraniums, Trailing Gazanias, and bark ground cover for the front yard. Gee, I feel so "grown up". I figured if I can take care of a baby...maybe, just maybe I can take on house plants. hehehehe

Aric finally got a haircut...after like, 4 months! His hair was getting crazy bushy, and it was starting to curl funny. I offered to cut his hair for him, but he doesn't trust me. Sheesh!
Aric's been going to Tom, his stylist, for almost ten years. Tom does extravagant balloon arrangements as a side job and he did our wedding. This time he offered to do balloons for Ashlyn's first birthday. COOL!

After we got home, Aric got started on cleaning out the garage while I worked on the front yard. Ashlyn had a good time sitting outside in her saucer watching all the action. We spent all afternoon and early evening outside. We came in for dinner. I made grilled steaks, corn, and fried rice. We spent the evening watching "Trading Spaces" and some other random shows. Aric must have been really tired because he feel asleep on the couch around 10:30pm. I usually wake him to go to bed, but this time I brought down a blanket and left him on the couch.

Pooped! My arms are sore from digging and planting, and my shoulders are a tad burnt from the sun. But the house is really coming along. =D

Ashlyn dancing

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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