Happy Friday! Wow...I can't tell you how many people emailed me regarding yesterday's journal entry. For the record... NO, I'm not pregnant. HAHAHAHA! But I suppose it's a logical conclusion when you hear someone complaining about fatigue whilst having "baby" dreams. Aric and I do want another (and we would like to keep them close together in age), but I promised Ann that I wouldn't get pregnant before her wedding. *wink* AND...I'm also holding out until after my "Girlfriends Trip". =D

Today was relaxing....just watched TV and played with Ashlyn. I'm trying out a new approach...no more chasing Ashlyn. I let her go buck-wild in the living, and as long as I can see her, she can do anything she wants. I've been actively looking for a safety gate. Aric and I are currently using the large box (his computer desk came in) as a make-shift safety gate. Unfortunately, Miss Houdini figured out a way around it. *sneaky-sneaky* She rams the barricade several times with her head until it falls over, then she crawls over it. What a maniac! =P
It was hard deciding on which safety gate. There are soooooo many! I finally found a site that breaks down the specs on all the different types and makers. We finally decided on two: one for the top of the stairs and one that'll divide the living room to the kitchen.

Can I just tell you that Ashlyn's really good at finding the tiniest piece of I-don't-know-what and putting it in her mouth? If it's paper or lint, I don't trip out too much...but the other morning, she picked up something small and black off of Aric's bedside table and stuck it in her mouth. I tried to see what it was, but she swallowed it by the time I pried her mouth open. That night, I asked Aric....
Peg: "Um, did you have something on your bedside table that was small and black?"
Aric: *smiling* "yeah."
Peg: "What was it?"
Aric: "My scab. Why?"
Peg: *GASP!* WHAT?!!!"
Aric: *looking for it* "Did you throw it away?"
Peg: *horrified* "NO! ASHLYN ATE IT!"
Aric: *equally horrified* "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!"
Peg: "Eeeeeew, why did you keep that thing on your bedside table?"
Aric: *proudly* "Because I wanted to show it to you."
Peg: "Sick."
Dude...technically, I have two kids -Ashlyn and Aric. *sigh*
I didn't want to share this story, because it gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it, but when I told Grace and Brian about it tonight, they were laughing and said that I had to write about it.

Tonight Brian and Grace came over. We met up with Wey and James for dinner at Applebee's in Fountain Valley. Grace has been craving Applebee's All-You-Can-Eat Riblet Platter since seeing the commercial. And if there's one thing I know, you should NOT stand in the way of a pregnant lady and her cravings. We all got the Riblet Platter. It was pretty good. The ribs were different though. The bones were small and flat...and the more I thought about it, the more I wondered what the heck part of the beef or pork was it from?! *Ugh*...Applebee's mystery meat. -/
If anyone knows, can you please share? It's gonna bug me until I find out.

After dinner, we all came back to our place to hang out. The guys hung out in Aric's office while Grace and I watched TV and talked. We caught the last 20 minutes of Madonna's concert on HBO. For one segment, she came out in a black tank that had "mother" written on the front in faux gems. I rolled my eyes, and thought, "yeah yeah...now that she's a mother of two, she went and got soft". Then when she turned around, the word "f*cker" was on the back! HAHAHA! KICKASS! Guess she didn't lose her edge afterall. Her concert was amazing and I have a renewed sense of admiration for her as an artist and performer.
After that ended, we watched John Leguizamo's "Sexaholix ... A Love Story". Ohmigawd, he is hilarious! He is raunchily candid and vulnerable at the same time. After seeing it, I was envious that Wil and Tony got to see it live in San Francisco.

I've been really bad at remembering to take pictures lately. I brought out my camera tonight, but forgot to take pictures. Should have taken pictures of the Riblets so someone (a butcher perhaps) can tell me what it was that I was eating. *GAG*...can't get the scab-story outta my head. =P

Grace, Brian, and James stayed till 1am. We were in the middle of watching Stephen King's "Thinner" when they left. Aric stayed up with me so I could finish it. It was a cheesy adaptation of the novel. I enjoyed the book way more.

*YAWN!*...tired. Have a great weekend!

Ashlyn playing in her room

hugging Minnie

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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