This morning Aric and I got up extra early, packed up all our stuff, cleaned up the room we stayed in, and squeezed in some quality time with my parents before Wil and Tony picked us up.
We spent the day at El and Keith's. They moved into a new home the beginning of the year, and El's been trying to coordinate a BBQ on one of the weekends I would be visiting. She's so thoughtful...and it's kinda of an ego trip because El (who's Cin's cool older sister) was notoriously popular in college...and she wanted to throw a BBQ just for ME! ME! ME! Okay, not just me, but all of us. HAHAHA! =D

We had a really nice BBQ brunch and spent the hot day relaxing, singing karaoke, and playing horse-shoes. Though I didn't have a problem with singing karaoke, many of the others did. Keith made up this game where we had to draw two names (on poker chips) out of a hat and sing a duet with another person. It was rather embarassing since we couldn't just pick a song, we had to draw another chip with a specific song, and sing that song whether we knew it or not. By the end of the afternoon...and many beers, margaritas, and mimosas later...no one had any qualms about singing karaoke. Especially Matty who hogged the mic and showed off his vocal stylings. I loved his song and dance to Copa Cabana. hehehe
A great big THANKS to El and Keith for the wonderful BBQ!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn saying goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma *sniff*


Wil and Tony

me and Aric

El and Cin

Keith *ARGH!*

Cin, Wil, El, Ivy, Bett, Ashlyn, and me

Wil, Cin, and Ashlyn

me and Wil singing as Matty and Tony look on

more spectators-Oli, Aric, Ashlyn, Bett, Wing, and Ivy

Matty kickin' back a cold one

Matty and Wil duet

Keith dances while Aric sings "Elvira"

Ivy and Tony sings

Tony and Oli throwing the horse-shoe

Wing tossing the 'shoe

Ivy lounging

Ashlyn showing me her binky

whatta serious face

El taking a siesta. hehehe

Wil and Tony dropped us of at the airport around 5pm. Aric and I got bumped up to first class on the flight home, but were so exhausted that the three of us passed out asleep and nearly missed the drink service. Aric and I got home after 8pm, and spent the rest of the night unpacking and laying in front of the TV. Feeling really tired...goin' to bed early.

I had a great visit and was sad to go. I want to thank everyone for making it so much fun!
I hope you all had a nice weekend!

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