Happy Friday! Lucky-lucky...Sis didn't have to work and her in-laws took the kids to the Aviation Museum today, so we got a chance to spend the entire day together. We had brunch at this porridge place in Cupertino, then shopped around Wolfe Plaza and Valley Fair. Sis bought a beautiful piece of jewelry as an early birthday gift to herself at Jade Galore. I would have gotten it for her, but...uh, it was a little out of my price range. =P
You know the saying: "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"? Not me. I'm not big on jewelry like other gals. I never walk by a jewelry store and oogle the window. If I do wear jewelry, it's usually a simple necklace or bracelet that holds sentimental value. I got a ton of jewels from my wedding that I don't know what to do with. I guess, put it away and give it all to Ashlyn someday. While waiting for Sis at Jade Galore, I was eyeing a Chopard necklace and pendant Aric had expressed wanting to get for me. I took one look at the price tag and *gasp!*....for that price, I'd rather get a new refridgerator! =/ Yeah, I'm no fun.

At Valley Fair, Sis bought some more stuff, and I got some stuff for Ashlyn (as always). New stores opened up at Valley Fair since the last time I went there. It's really nice. Actually, the area surrounding the mall is under reconstruction....soon Santana Row will open up across the street, and there will be even more shopping. =) Because she's usually so busy, it was such a treat to spent the whole day with Sis! Regardless of time spent together or apart, we're extremely close...and I'm so thankful. Can I just tell you how great she looks?! She looks really good for her age (which I shouldn't disclose, but I will). hehehe She's turning 39 this year. GAT DAMN!...that's almost 40!!! Everytime I tell her that, she retorts with a hearty "SHADDUP!" HAHAHAHA! Well, I can only hope I look that good in 10 years. But I won't hold my breath since I'm like the beefiest one out of my whole family (not including my dad of course). Oh well. =D

Aric flew in tonight and we had a nice dinner together at Pasta Pomodoro in San Jose. We were supposed to have dinner with my folks, but they took potential investors to look at some land in Bakersfield...and it took them longer driving back. Well yeah, BAKERSFIELD! Aric and I ate dinner over a catch up session, and Wil showed up halfway through dinner to sit with us. We ordered some food for her and some to take home to my parents.
Sarah, Parkin, and Wing went over to Wil and Tony's to hang out. Aric and I joined them after dropping off my parents food and sitting with them for a bit. We watched "Lord of the Rings" at Wil's and had some yummy raspberry cheesecake. Before the movie was over, half the group fell asleep. hehehe I was tired too. Aric, Ashlyn, and I left around 1am. Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Sis and Ashlyn

Ashlyn at dinner

Ashlyn chomping on Aric's arm

the two baldies


Scary Wing and kettlecorn

Aric (and Parkin) HAHAHA!

Wil, Sarah, and Parkin in the kitchen

me and Sarah

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