Today Ashlyn and I spent the day with Wing, Sis, Christel, Amanda, and Marisa. I needed to get my bridesmaid dress altered, so I took it over to my seamstress. I was a bit disappointed to discover that she raised her prices. Bummer! Oh well, it's the economy...what can ya do?
Since we were all at Lion Plaza, we had lunch at Tung Kee Noodle House. Afterwards, we went to Eastridge Mall for boba tea at Fantasia. We ended up spending a good amount of time at the mall. I felt bad for Wing because he watched all four kids while Sis and I ducked into stores. hehehe =D

The weather was even hotter than yesterday!...easily in the 90's. After the mall, we took the kids to the pool. We kept Ashlyn in the shade while Wing and I played in the pool with Amanda, Christel, and Marisa. I realized that I'm in desperate need of a tan!!! I was blinding myself with my own paleness. It was horrible. =( After a couple of hours, we all left. Wing helped me give Ashlyn a bath when we got back to my parents' place. The Kiddie Sunblock I applied liberally all over her body had made her break out in hives. *tsk-tsk* Ashlyn has ultra sensitive skin. =(

I had "Girl's Nite" dinner, so I ran an errand with Wing, then he dropped me and Ashlyn off at my mom's office so I could meet with Wil and Bett. Wil, Bett, and I listened to some old-skool jams on the way up to San Mateo. Wil and I were saying how funny it is that we can't seem to remember what we did last week yet we can remember all the lyrics from songs as far as 15 years ago! HAHAHAHA!
We met Cin and Ivy at our favorite "Girl's Nite" spot - Hotaru. Dinner was great as usual. But I think I missed out on most of the conversation. Ashlyn was moving around a lot in her highchair and making silly faces at the people sitting behind me. She's getting to the age where she really requires a lot of my attention, and I can no longer eat my meal in peace. *sigh* Next Girl's Nite, I'm leaving the baby at home.
After dinner, we walked down 3rd Avenue to Q-Cup (a new boba tea place)....but we just missed it, and the place closed. I swear, I'm becoming quite the boba-tea connoisseur. hehehe We walked over to our usual Starbucks on 4th Ave and sat around till it closed. Then we walked back to our cars, lolly-gagged a bit, then headed home.

Wil, Bett, and I sang along to slow old-skool jams (Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam with Full Force, Hi-Five, Will To Power, Sapphire, Tony Terry, The Jets, The Deels, etc...) all the way home. Ashlyn slept the whole way home again, and by the time Wil dropped us off, Ashlyn started her cry-fest AGAIN! This one was a little worse than the night before. I really don't know what it is. Perhaps she's overly tired....I dunno. It took me a long time to comfort her and get her to sleep.

I talked to Aric on the phone for a bit before bed. I noticed that our conversations are so different now. It's very cut-n-dry...we update each other on our day, I give him the low-down on Ashlyn's day, then I ask him a bunch of boring questions like, "did you take the trash out?". =P
I do miss our old phone conversations sometimes...the "dating" talk. But with marriage, you also have the comfort of not having to talk all the time either...a quiet understanding and a contentment of just being in eachother's presence.
Today was pretty tiring...my swollen glands turned into a cold. I'm sure it didn't help that I went swimming today, but oh well. Better get some rest! G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn, me, and Marisa

Sis and Ashlyn


Ashlyn in the sun

Amanda, Ashlyn, and Christel

Sis, her girls, Wing, and Ashlyn poolside

Ashlyn and Auntie Wil

taking pics outside of Hotaru

Cin snaps pictures of Ashlyn while Ivy tries to make her smile. hehe

Wil, Ivy, and Cin

Bett, me, and Ashlyn

Ashlyn and Bett

all of us

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