(me, Cin, Ivy, Bett, and Wil through the years)

To all of my friends and my kindred souls~
"Of all the gifts life may bestow
none is so constant, steady, and sure
as the tender heart of a friend."

"Your smile, my friend, reflects your heart;
and in that mirror
I can see the ways in which you've graced my life:
the peace and joy you've given me."
-Robert Sexton

Though I am fortunate enough to forge wonderful friendships with different groups and individuals, the picture collage above is a tribute to the group of girls whom I've shared countless incredible and unforgettable memories, as well as endured painful and turbulent times...with our bond becoming stronger and deeper with each passing year. For that, I am eternally grateful and blessed.
There was a time (long long ago) when I yielded scars from broken friendships and truly believed that girls were incapable of being best friends for a long period of time...unlike the way guys can. I met the above girls (not including Wil of course) at different times of my life, ranging from childhood to college. And when we first began hanging out, it was casual and I enjoyed the time together...not really thinking too much of it. Steadily, our time together became constant and more frequent, and before I knew it...years went by.
Sarah and I were talking the other day and she had joked about how she didn't want to appear like she was invading "THE GROUP". I chided her silliness and we laughed about it. But I do have to admit that it wasn't the first time I heard that. For some reason, we're revered as "THE GROUP"...as if it were an exclusive club or something. Puh-leez, don't give me a big head now. *wink* The truth of the matter is...our "group" used to be bigger, but we lost individuals along the way (reasons being boyfriends, insecurities, competitiveness, flakiness...the list goes on)... and we're the only ones who remained.
In any case, I humored Sarah and told her that it's 'Rush-Week', if she want's to pledge our 'sorority'. We are accepting all applicants. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Today was a nice relaxing Sunday. Aric and I got up at a decent time. We went to Nordstrom's at South Coast Plaza to hit up the Anniversary Sale. I picked up a few cute sundresses (with my upcoming cruise in mind). Aric, Ashlyn, and I got brunch at the Vie de France Boulangerie counter. Happiness is a large cheese puff-pastry and a French Vanilla coffee. Mmmmm! We went from one end of the mall to the other and back. Then we stopped by Big-K on the way home to get one of those plastic stackable drawers. Aric and I used the self-checkout...thinking that it would be faster and easier...until we discovered that the plastic bin was mising the UPC code and we were unable to scan it. While waiting for someone to help us, I watched people use other self-checkout stations and thought how easy it would be to just...er, skip scanning an item or two and leave. How they can possibly keep an eye on EVERYONE???
Anyhow, an employee finally came with a UPC code, we paid for our goods, and left. I don't think the UPC Code was for our particular product because it came out to be WAY cheaper than what I remembered it to be. But it's not like I'm going to bring that to their attention. =P hehehe

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up around the house, doing laundry, playing with Ashlyn, and watching TV. I finally got rid of a ton of empty cardboard boxes. I've been bugging Aric to do it, but he forgets. I swear, if I want anything done around here, I have to do it myself. *huff*...and it's all HIS boxes, too! That guy orders way too much stuff online. Almost everyday we get a package from Ebay or Amazon or whatever. =/

Aric had to work with James tonight and asked if I wanted to go. AGAIN?!! As much as I love hanging out with Sue and Grace, this would make it 3 times in 4 days!....and I just felt like lounging at home. Besides, Ashlyn can run amok here at home and I wouldn't have to worry.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Red Polka Dots!

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