(My bro-in-law, Adie and Ashlyn -Feb. 2002)

I got up early this morning, got dressed, and prepared for Ann's Bridal shower....which included making 3 dishes. I was racking my brain for original ideas. I finally decided to make Baked Wasabi Salmon with Nori Furikake, Cucumber/Tomato Salad with Roasted Garlic vinaigrette, and a Tropical Fruit Ambrosia. *pat self on back*

Cassie, one of Ann's bridesmaids, flew in this morning from NorCal. Ann picked her up and dropped her off at my place. Emily picked us up at noon, and together, we loaded up the car, picked up the cake from the Bakery, and headed to Chris' house. We took longer getting to Chris' than anticipated...we went to the wrong bakery and it took half an hour before we realized that. Oops! =P
Chris, Ann's matron-of-honor, hosted the shower at her beautiful home. And the afternoon was spent lavishing the radiant bride-to-be with much love and attention. We had plenty of great food, fun games, and watched the bride-to-be open MANY gifts!....most of them being naughty little *ahem* sleepwear. hehehehe
Pictures from today:


Ann and her bridesmaids-me, HyeUn, Chris, Cassie, Margaret, and Emily

Ann and her guests (too many to name)

Ann, her bridesmaids, and Chris' daughters-Sophia and Anna

Ann opening gifts while I recorded them


After the shower ended, a bunch of us bridesmaids hung around to clean up, eat, and chat. The shower went smoothly and most importantly, the bride-to-be had a great time! We all breathed a sigh of relief. hehehe I caught a ride back with Ann. We had to drop Cassie off at the airport....poor thing flew in just for the shower and had to get back the same day. CRAZY!

Oh, before I forget...Congratulations to Edna and Gregory! Aric's cousin, Edna got married today in Maryland. We couldn't make it out there, for obvious reasons. Though it would have been nice to meet more of the family and visit the East Coast in the process. Oh well, we'll just have to make a trip out there next time.

I got home around 7pm. Aric and Ashlyn both looked happy to see me. =D It's the first time I left Aric with Ashlyn for so long (7 hours). Aric looked beatdown!!!
Peg: "So how was it?"
Aric: "It was fine."
Peg: "What did you do?...did you get anything done?"
Aric: "Nope."
A slow smile spread across my face, and I couldn't hide it. FINALLY...he got a glimpse into my world and understood my pain! HA! Well, I wouldn't call it "pain" anymore since I've gotten used to it, and developed a system where I can get things done AND watch the baby. But in the beginning, Aric would come home, and ask "What did you do today?"....as if I had the luxury of kickin' back, watching TV, and eating Bon-bons or something. I would be tired, looking all disheveled, and pitifully answer, "nothing." But it was far from "nothing". I'm sure Aric no longer envies the fact that I get to stay home. HAHAHAHA!

I was really tired from going to bed late last night, getting up early, and all the running around today....all I wanted to do was lie on the couch and not move. Yeah, right. Ashlyn was displaying some signs of separation anxiety. She made sure she was close by, and would start to wimper whenever I left her side. I spent the evening in my comfy pjs and hung out with my sweethearts. =D

Evil has been talking/writing about "Trading Spaces" for a long time now, but I just got into it recently. Tonight I got Aric to watch it, and he got really hooked. TLC airs two episodes back-to back on Saturday nights. Unfortunately, both Aric and I were sooooo tired, we dozed off before we got to see the end results of the last episode. DAMNIT! It was the Oakland-Webster Street episode.
*YAWN!* ..sleepy...sleepy!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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