folded hands and a smile

Ashlyn and Glenda

Happy Friday! Since Glenda and I didn't get a chance to see each other yesterday, we planned to spend the whole day together. We went to South Coast Plaza and had lunch at Nordstrom's Cafe. Nordstrom's having a huge Anniversary Sale. Since I was at the mall for the sole purpose of buying gifts, I didn't bother to look at anything....in fear that I might be tempted. hehehe
Glenda and I walked around and talked the entire afternoon...catching up on the past two months. I dragged Glenda around while I ran errands and bought groceries at the market. The thing I love about my friendship with Glenda is that even though it's fairly new, we are completely comfortable around one another. Her sweet, intuitive, thoughtful, loyal, and selfless personality is inspiring...I really need to learn from her. We had a great time, and I was happy to spend an unrushed day with her.
When we got back, Aric and Brian were waiting for me. The fellas needed to work at James' tonight and we were running behind. Glenda helped me unload and put away the groceries as quickly as possible...and when I discovered that I forgot something at the market, she offered to buy it and drop it off at James and Grace's for me. *sigh* See what I mean?...we are so here. *pointing to my eyes*

Aric and I ended up driving separately anyway...in case he ended up working REALLY REALLY late. The evening was pretty chill. Grace and Sue picked up Baja Fresh for dinner. It was pretty good. I had a tostada salad. While the guys worked, Grace, Sue and I hung out, talked, played with the lil' ones, and watched TV. I started getting really tired around midnight, so Ashlyn and I left.

Ashlyn in Lauren's highchair


Lauren and Ashlyn (sitting on a mini Blue's Clues chair)

Grace and Sue

Brian and Ashlyn

Lauren and Ed

Once home, Ashlyn was pretty much knocked out. I prepped some stuff for Ann's Bridal Shower, took a nice long bath, and painted my toes. It was soooooo relaxing....baby sleeping and the house quiet. =) Aric got home close to 2am! We talked a bit before heading up to bed.
*YAWN!* Have a great weekend! G'Nite!

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