Hmmmm, what did I do today? Oh yeah...nothing. Glenda and I had planned to go to the mall after she got back from the gym today. Glenda called after her workout to say that she's was tired and was going to rest for a bit. By the time she was good to go, I was feeling lazy and asked if we could postpone the mall thing till tomorrow. She laughed and said that she felt the same way. The day went by pretty fast. I did laundry, vacuumed, talked on the phone, checked email, shopped online, and followed the heels of Ashlyn (the Speed Racer). Because of all the chasing around lately, I'm pretty damn exhausted by the time Aric gets home. The past few nights, I was caught nodding off while watching TV...and that doesn't happen very often. =P

Aric, Ed, and James needed to work on computers and keyboards tonight...so when Aric got home from work, we gave Ashlyn an early bath since I knew it was going to be long night.
We went over to Ed and Sue's, ordered pizza, and the gals and I hung out while the guys worked outside. We watched "Shallow Hal" on cable. I probably missed the first twenty minutes or so, but enjoyed the movie regardless. Jack Black and Jason Alexander were funny and entertaining. I wouldn't mind seeing the movie again (from beginning). I missed bits and pieces here and there because Ashlyn kept wandering away and getting into Ed and Sue's stuff. *sigh*

Lauren and Ashlyn eating

James, Lauren, and Ashlyn

Lauren and her missle-pop

It's been exactly a week since Grace's due-date, and her baby is STILL not ready to come out! If her baby doesn't come out by the end of this weekend, Grace wil be induced on Monday or Tuesday. The anticipation is taking a toll on poor Grace...she's ready for this stubborn one to meet the world. Lauren has been prepared for her role as Big Sister, and it shows in the way she plays with Ashlyn.

After "Shallow Hal", we watched "Discovery Health" and "The Late Show". Ashlyn soon got tired of crawling all over the place and fell asleep. I dozed off too. =P But I woke up when my body jumped....you know when the muscles in your body twitches while it's trying to relax? It was so embarrassing. The guys did as much as they could before calling it a night.
Aric, Ashlyn, and I didn't get home until after 1am! Since the fellas didn't finish, guess what we're doing tomorrow night? *big sigh!* Well, I am so beat! G'Nite!

Mmmm... a nice cold teething ring

Bath time

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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