WOW!...we're at the end of another month! It's crazy how fast time passes us by. I remember when I was a kid, and a single day would seem to drag on forever. Nowadays, it blows by like nothing. Events and such are penciled in and planned months in advance, and before you know it, it's just right around the corner. *sigh* A sign of old age I guess.

Today was much like yesterday...Ashlyn and I stayed home and she kept me busy by getting into trouble. I made a couple of makeshift barricades to keep her away from certain parts of the house. I really need to get a couple of safety gates soon. I've been checking online, and there are so many different types. I have no idea which to get. We need a standard gate for the staircase and one that's retractable (for the space dividing the living room and kitchen). The retractable gate I was looking into costs over $100! GAT DAMN!
Let me just tell you how freakishly strong Ashlyn is...this afternoon while I washed dishes, she came into the kitchen and pulled a bottle of wine off of our tall wine rack! Freaked me out! Almost broke my good bottle of Strawberry Hill, too! HAHAHAHA!...kidding.
Also, for the first time in a pretty long time, Ashlyn had (not one, but TWO) explosive poops!...the kind that ran out of her diaper and onto her clothes. Horrible. =/

Tonight Aric had pizza delivered and we popped in "Spiderman". I saw it over the weekend, but Aric hasn't seen it. It's a pretty good movie, and I like Tobey Maguire.
It was nice to have one evening to just chill with Aric. He had stuff to do (as always), but I persuaded him to put if off till tomorrow night. Of course, once the movie ended, he went to work on his stuff. *shrug* Better than nothing, right? Patrick stopped by tonight for a little bit.
I was watching the news tonight on CBS, and they showed a clip of this home surveillance tape that a man in Brazil took after he suspected his babysitter of abusing his two children (age 2 and 6 months). The footage was outrageous and horrifying! The tape clearly showed the babysitter relentlessly slapping the 6 month old all over the body, then went over to the two year old and cruelly beat the crap out of him (or her...couldn't really tell). Ironically, after the video was aired in Brazil, a mob of angry people attacked the girl on the street...and all of this was captured on video too! She got slapped, pushed, and kicked before she ran off crying. *shake head* CRAZY! You can tell that this babysitter had a really bad temper...because in the video (where she was attacked), she fought back and ended up beating up one of her attackers, causing other angry citizens to step in. Watching all of this was disturbing beyond words. It's been well over an hour since seeing that segment AND I'm still thinking about it! Why would anybody vehemently hit a child?...let alone a 6 month old?!! I'm heartbroken.
I swear, when I see or read about violence to children or pets, I can't stand it. It gets under my skin and stays there for a long time. *BOOHOO!* =(

Okay, so prior to that, the rest of my day and evening went well. I better go watch some Cartoon Network now and get these yucky images and thoughts outta my head. G'Nite!

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